Balika Vadhu 2: Is this end of Anandi & Jigar’s marriage ??

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Colors tv show Balika Vadhu is taking a new phase where best friends who had turned their friendship to relationship by getting their kids married, are now standing against each other. While Premji has fallen into trap of superstitious beliefs and wants Anandi to stay at his house, Khimji doesn’t want to risk her future by letting it happen. Premji being blind in selfishness announced to break all ties with Anandi forever.

In the previous episode Khimji said Premji that he will take Anandi back to Devgarh. Premji said that he can give Anandi comforts which Khimji can never give. Ratan told that but when she stayed there all she got was pain and punishment. Khimji got shocked and asks her what punishment was she talking about. Ratan explained him everything.

Jigar took a stand for Anandi and didn’t let other boys mock her. Anandi smiled and told Jigar he isn’t as bad as she used to think. Jigar said he is her to be husband and should become friends now. Premji ran to Anandi and said she will stay here and should bid goodbye to her parents. Premji announced that if Khimji and Anandi leaves, he should keep his daughter forever with himself. In the upcoming episodes we will see Anandi and Jigar talk on videocall and wish their parents sort out their differences. The fan is shown falling down on Jigar.

Will Anandi go back to Premji’s house?

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