Balika Vadhu 2: Kanku to run away from home?

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Colors tv show Balika Vadhu is currently showing about the marriage track of Kanku. While she is still young and also has an affair with Madhav, Kanku is unwilling to agree for the arranged marriage but is skeptical to deny Maadi Baa and Devali. She shows her concerns to Anandi and Anand who try to help her but Jigar says against her.

In the previous episode, Maadi Baa was elated to get good marriage proposal for Kanku. Bhairavi warned her against marriage at such a young age but she declined her suggestions. Kanku felt heartbroken and told Anandi & Anand about Madhav. Jigar who overheard their conversation asked Anandi not to interfere in their family matters. Anand said that he was just trying to console Kanku. Kanku said Jigar that being her brother he should be the one helping her. Jigar said its not something children should meddle with and he won’t go against elders. Kanku called him selfish and asked him to leave the room.

Jigar vented out angrily on Anand blaming him for everything. In the upcoming episode we will Anandi will overhear Anand saying Kanku that he will help her escape stealthily before groom’s family comes. Anandi says its wrong to run away and stops Anand. Anandi will go to inform family members about the plan.

Will Anandi really tell about the plan to everyone?

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