Balika Vadhu 2: Premji announces to break friendship and Anandi’s marriage?

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Colors tv show Balika Vadhu is taking a new phase where best friends who had turned their friendship to relationship by getting their kids married, are now standing against each other. While Premji has fallen into trap of superstitious beliefs and wants Anandi to stay at his house, Khimji doesn’t want to risk her future by letting it happen.

In the previous episode Jigar offered to help Anandi to get kadahi out of storeroom. He said it very big and both of them lifted it together to carry it to kitchen. Devali said to Ratan that both of them are looking good together. Ratan questioned Anandi about storeroom incident. Devali acted good and said not to scold Anandi as she is still child. Later after dinner, Ratan got shocked to see Anandi picking up the plates from table and Devali saying that now that everyone had eaten, Sejal and Anandi could eat too. Khimji and Ratan came with their luggage and asked Sejal where Premji is. Premji came with Maadi Baa. Khimji said consoling words to everyone and then asked permission to go back to Devgarh.

Premji told him he has not given permission till now. Khimji got shocked to hear it. Premji was keen to let Anandi stay at his house only. In the upcoming episodes we will see Premji asking Anandi to stay with him but she denies. Premji will announce that if Khimji left with Anandi he will break both their friendship and relationship forever.

What will be Khimji’s decision?

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