Balika Vadhu 2 Weekly Update: Ishana keeps targeting Anandi.

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This week in Balika Vadhu Sejal takes care of Jigar and sees its very late and Anandi has not returned back yet. She calls Anandi who is busy finishing her assignment. Anandi tells Sejal to sleep as she won’t come back. Anand brings fresh juice for everyone. Ishana praises him for taking care of everyone so much. She says she likes him because of his caring nature, he is so different. Anand just smiles awkwardly. Ishana says she will serve juice to everyone and asks Anand to rest.
Anand says he will himself serve it, Ishana thinks then her whole plan will get spoiled. She intentionally drops one of boxes to distract Anand. Both Anandi and Anand go to pick up the materials. Ishana gets angry seeing them close, she silently mixes something in all the juice glasses. When Anand gives juice to Anandi she denies.

Anandi tells she doesn’t want it and tells him not to show fake concern. Ishana comes in between and tells Anand that Anandi is not concerned about her work and tells to leave her alone. Anandi drinks the juice. Suddenly after all have drunk juice start behaving like drunk laughing and joking around. Anand gets shocked seeing them. Even Anandi behaves drunk. Anand calls fruit juice seller and asks him what he had mixed. He says it was fresh juice as Anand had ordered without anything else, even sugar wasn’t added.
While Sejal is taking care of Jigar, he moves his finger and even moves his hand. Sejal feels very happy at him showing improvement. Anandi acts crazily and scolds Anand for being rude since he came back from US. Ishana tries to interrupt them, but Anandi stops her. She says she is doing fashion show however Ishana convinces her to go out.

Anandi starts dancing on Zara sa jhoom loon main. Anand comes there and she drags him saying she wants to dance with her childhood friend and dances around him. Ishana comes to stop her but Anandi makes her dance instead. Anand and Anandi spend time together and Ishana thinks her plan backfired on her. Later Anand is trying to insert thread in needle and Anandi laughs at him. He hurts his finger and Anandi takes care of it. Anandi keeps working on the stitches even in her drunk state, Anand helps her and keeps making her drink water. She keeps doing work, suddenly door opens and Anandi starts shivering, Anand goes and closes the door.
Anandi completes all the work and then falls asleep on the floor. Anand sees that her clothes are wet and thinks she may fall sick if she sleeps on the ground. He picks her up and makes her sleep on the sofa and makes her wear shirt too.

Anandi wakes up and wonders where is she. Anand brings coffee for her and tells he brought her there as if she was sleeping on sofa she would have fallen sick. Anandi asks where are others, Anand tells all are sleeping. Anandi starts scolding Anand and says she was drunk not him so why he did it, Anand tells her to stop overthinking and he just made her wear the shirt above her clothes. Anand says she has already finished everything before falling asleep. He praises her handwork.
Sejal comes with Jigar to meet Anandi and brings breakfast for everyone. Anandi tells her why she took all the trouble. Sejal tells her its fine and tells she will help them in loading products while Jigar can take rest in sunlight. Ishana comes there and thinks she cannot let Anandi finish this and pours kerosene on the box which has shirts of consignment. She lights fire on it and leaves from there.

Jigar sitting there notices fire and tries to move and ends up screaming for Anandi. Anandi comes there and get shocked seeing fire but she manages to save the products although her hands gets badly burnt. Anand and Ishana come there and asks what happened. A lady checks and says products are all fine. Ishana gets angry as her plan failed. While Anand sees Anandi’s burnt hands and tells she needs first aid. Jigar looks on intently. Anand does first aid to Anandi. Anand asks her how did she know about fire, she says Jigar had called her. Anand asks if Jigar can speak. Anandi says he cannot and Sejal has taken him to doctor.

Anandi and Anand get positive response from the client. He praises them for brilliant handwork and early delivery. Ishana feels jealous and insecure. However he asks them to prepare presentation next day. Ishana meets Bhairavi and gifts her two passes for cruise dinner and tells she is planning to propose Anand. Mehul warns Bhairavi not to manipulate Anand’s life. Bhairavi taunts him instead. Sejal tells Anandi about doctor saying that Jigar is showing improvement and will get well soon.
Anandi asks Anand why he has come to meet her and starts scolding him without even listening to his explanation for not defending her infront of Ishana. Anand asks her to keep quiet and calls Ishana. Ishana asks Anandi for forgiveness for talking rudely and raising hand on her. She recalls how Bhairavi had asked her to ask forgiveness from Anandi if she wants to maintain good image infront of Anand. Jigar comes there and gets triggered again seeing Ishana.

Anandi asks him what is he trying to say and Ishana thinks that may be Jigar had seen her burning the box and asks Anand if they can leave as they are getting late for presentation. Anandi gives presentation and client Mrs Mehta gets very impressed with the designs. She praises Anand but he gives all the credit to Anandi. Mrs Mehta gives them the deal on condition that Anandi should be leading it. Anand readily agrees but Ishana stops him before signing the papers. Ishana asks Anand to take Bhairavi’s permission and tries to manipulate him but he says otherwise and signs the deal. Anandi thinks she should ask forgiveness from Anand.

Mrs Mehta asks Anandi to display their designs by evening. Anandi says she will arrange the event. Anand and Ishana are waiting outside. Ishana sees Anandi coming and intentionally makes her misunderstand that Anand asked Ishana to ask forgiveness from Anandi just for his work. Anandi gets angry and thinks Anand has changed so much. Anandi tells Anand that they need to display designs in the evening and leaves from there. Ishana tells Bhairavi about this misunderstanding but Bhairavi tells her not to underestimated Anand and Anandi’s bond.

Bhairavi tells Ishana she wants to get her and Anand’s engagement finalized. Ishana gets very happy. Anandi is preparing for the event and Anand tells that no agency is ready to supply models for event in such short notice of time. Anandi tells him not to worry about it and she will manage as its her responsibility. Ishana comes and says Anandi will surely manage and tells Anand not to bother. Anandi tells that all NGO ladies will be their models tonight. Ishana mocks her but Anand says its an amazing idea and will definitely work for them.

Anandi tells Bhairavi and Sejal about the same and give them their design, she also gives one short dress to Ishana as she can carry it well. Investors come and ask about Anandi, Anand says he will call her. He comes to room and gets shocked to see Ishana sitting with sprained ankle and she says she can’t do ramp walk, she tells Anandi to wear the dress instead. She recalls how she had damaged the chain of dress so that Anandi will face wardrobe malfunction. Sejal tells Anandi if she is comfortable in the short dress, Anandi says she will manage.

Ishana starts the event with NGO ladies on the stage. Anandi goes to kitchen and feels bit uncomfortable with the dress, Anand also goes and tells her not to do it if she is feeling uneasy. Anandi misunderstands his intentions and scolds him. Anand sees Anandi’s dress zip is open and tries to inform her about it. Before Anand can tell her, another girl calls her for help and sees goes without listening.

Ishana makes announcement of Anandi coming on stage as show stopper. Anand tries to stop Anandi but she wears earphones. Anand forcefully stops her and makes her realize about her zip. She gets shocked and wonders what to do. Anand calls waiter and asks him to do something. Powersupply cuts off and Ishana wonders what happened. She asks clients to wait as there is some technical issues. Electricity comes back and Ishana wonders where Anandi is. Anandi confidently walks on the ramp, she has used dupatta to wrap stylishly and cover the damaged zip.

Anand smiles happily seeing her. Clients praise them a lot and gives them the deal. Anandi thanks Anand for saving her from wardrobe malfunction and such big embarrassing situation. Ishana congratulates Anand for the success but he gives the credit to Anandi. He wonders where did Anandi go. Anandi comes back in saree and Anand gets stunned seeing her. He remains mesmerized by her. While Anandi is going her saree pallu gets stuck in Anand’s shirt. He looks dreamily at her and cannot take it out. Ishana feels angry seeing them so close.
Anandi removes it and goes to talk to Bhairavi. Bhairavi congratulates Anandi for successful show and Anandi is about to tell her about Diya, she says she met Diya in morning but before she could complete Ishana angrily breaks a glass which startles them. Bhairavi goes to Ishana and tells her that she needs to calm down. Ishana tells that she has been trying so much to make Anandi fall down but she keeps getting successful and getting closer to Anand.

Bhairavi tells Ishana not to worry about Anandi, as three years back Anand had proposed her but she rejected him. Bhairavi tells her to focus on winning Anand’s heart. Jigar sees Ishana and tries to tell about her to Anandi and Sejal. Ishana thinks Jigar wants to expose her so she goes and deviates their attention and says Jigar probably wants food. Sejal agrees and goes to feed him food. Ishana mixes something in water and gives to Sejal to feed Jigar which makes him unwell. In the upcoming episodes Ishana will try to humiliate Anandi but Anand will defend her.