Balika Vadhu 2: Will Anandi’s future be compromised?

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Colors tv popular show Balika Vadhu is the storyline of Anandi who is smart, innocent and kind but at the young age is facing lots due to the society. While she returned back to her own home, her in laws feel daughter in law the house brings in bad omen and are keen to call her back. How will Anandi save herself from falling victim to such superstitions? Will her parents agree to demands from her in laws?

In the previous episode Anandi lied about the incident with Devali. Next morning, Ratan got shocked to see Anandi already woke up and got ready. Anandi recalled how Maadi Baa had thrown water on her to wake her up when she woke up late. Anandi lied about the incident to Ratan. Premji got call from someone who cancels his big order. Dhingli came with notice from school. Ratan asked Kalpesh to read and explain it. He told that the application states that if Anandi didn’t attend school within more three days she will be rusticated.

Premji’s factory caught fire and he suffered heavy loss. In the upcoming episodes we will see Maadi Baa saying Anandi was laxmi of there house and she went back so all this is happening. She demands to bring her back. While on other side Anandi will ask Khimji to promise her that he won’t send her back.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Balika Vadhu on colors tv and Voot app.