Balika Vadhu 2: Will Jigar’s plan to humiliate Anand succeed?

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Colors tv show Balika Vadhu is currently showing about the marriage track of Kanku. While she is still young and also has an affair with Madhav, Kanku is unwilling to agree for the arranged marriage but is skeptical to deny Maadi Baa and Devali. Anand plans to help Kanku run away from home so that she can be saved from the forced marriage proposal. While Jigar is determined to spoil his plans.

In the previous episode, Anand told Kanku about running away from home. Kanku liked the idea but Anandi strongly disagreed to them. Jigar overheard the conversation and planned to take advantage of the situation to humiliate Anand by showing that he provoked and helped Kanku to run. Anandi tried to convince Devali to stop marriage but failed.

Bhairavi felt happy seeing Anandi’s willingness to help Kanku. Jigar pretended to be on side of Kanku and made her reveal her plan a bit. Later he fooled Anand and convinced him too to know the whole escape plan that Kanku would take her things in school bag and directly leave from there. In the upcoming episodes we will see Jigar will tell Devali that he is going to school with Anandi and Kanku. Devali will stop Kanku and ask her to show her bag.

Will Anand be able to help Kanku?

Will Kanku’s plab be revealed?

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