Balika Vadhu 2: Will this be an end to Anandi & Anand’s friendship too?

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Colors TV show Balika Vadhu this week will be showing interesting turns as we will see Anandi who has finally become free from her child marriage bond gets utterly surprised when Anand confesses his love to her. Anandi who has always considered Anand as a nice friend remains shocked with the sudden confession.

In the previous episode Anandi’s marriage was annulled by the court. Jigar tried to treated Bhairavi by telling her that he knows about Sheela’s reality which leaves Bhairavi worried. Diya asked Anandi to propose Anandi and let her know his feelings. Anandi accepted he would do once when he is financially stable and gets investment for his women empowerment app. He got pleasantly surprised when his mentor called him to accept to invest in his app.

Bhairavi asked Anand to return back to US. He accepted to go after doing one work. Anandi got shocked to see darkness around and later found the place beautifully decorated. She thought it was done by Kiara but got shocked when Anand appeared and said it was done by him. He confessed his feelings and asked her to go to US with him. Jigar also went there and mocked them. In the upcoming episodes we will Anand will again say Anandi to come to US with him but she will deny.

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