Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th November 2022 Written Update: Banni decides to leave the house

Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir refusing to eat food. Banni forcefully makes him eat Kheer. Yuvan tries to come out but Kabir controls him. Banni feeds him a full bowl of kheer then she goes to deliver her tiffins expecting her food will do some magic on Yuvan. Kabir manages to break out of the chains and he thinks to harm Banni but stops recalling his promise to Tulika. That time he receives a call which makes him happy. Kabir thinks finally he got a way to defeat Banni.

Banni asks Charmi to off the gas on time. She is about to go to deliver her tiffins. Kabir stops her and informs Banni that her marriage with Yuvan is illegal as per law a marriage with a mentally unstable person can be declared void at any time which means the marriage can be ended at any time. Everyone gets shocked. Kabir tears the wedding photos of Yuvan and Banni. He announces it’s illegal and the marriage doesn’t exist. Banni gets tears. Kabir says technically and legally I can get married to Tulika. He asks Banni to participate in his wedding celebrations. He asks Banni if she is shocked. He tells Banni that she needs to understand that no one can love her kind of girl. Banni feels bad.

Devraj says you guys are married traditionally then how can it be illegal? Kabir says according to law it’s illegal. He says he called his lawyer to explain this point to them. Lawyer Chowdary comes there. Hemant gets shocked seeing him. Chowdary reveals to everyone that Banni-Yuvan’s marriage is illegal. Kabir thanks him. Chowdary leaves. Kabir informs Banni that she can’t stop his marriage with Tulika anymore and he asks everyone to prepare for his marriage with Tulika. Banni and Devraj break down.

Tulika applies ointment to her burnt hand. Kabir goes to her and asks her to show her hand. Tulika asks him to leave it saying he doesn’t even have any idea how much it’s hurting her. Kabir too burns his hand. Tulika gets shocked seeing him. She stops him and applies cream to his burnt area. Kabir admires her. Tulika asks why he did it. Kabir says it’s love and I hurt myself to share the pain with you as you’re important to me. Tulika stops recalling her moment with Kabir and tells herself that Kabir is fake. That time she receives Banni call. Banni informs her how Kabir is adamant to marry her by proving Banni-Yuvan’s marriage is illegal. Tulika disconnects the call and decides to do something.

Banni recalls in tears how Manini said she will become Banni from Banni Singh Rathore. Banni thinks she has no right to stay at Rathore’s house and packs her luggage. That time she sees her bridal dress and other things which remind her of her moments with Yuvan. She thinks their relationship is connected with a heart so it won’t get broken legally and she decides to fight for her Yuvan by teaching a lesson to Kabir.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabir searches for Tulika. Hemant informs him Tulika left the house. Kabir spots Tulika leaving in an auto. He gets mad at Banni. Devraj meets Agastya and asks him to marry Banni. Kabir threatens Banni saying he will kill Yuvan.

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