Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th November 2022 Written Update: Banni rejects Viraj’s idea

Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni and Tulika banging on the door and asking Kabir to open the door. Kabir hearing Tulika’s voice opens the door. Banni and Tulika help Kabir to sit down. Tulika sees that Kabir has tattooed her name on his hand. Tulika asks Kabir how can he do this? Kabir says he loves it when Tulika cares for him. Banni asks Kabir to first drink the antidote. Kabir asks Tulika to say to Banni that Banni will not come in between Tulika and Kabir. Kabir asks Tulika to tell Banni to do their marriage. Banni says she will do it. Banni asks Kabir to drink the antidote. Kabir says he will not drink the antidote with her hand. Banni hearing this gives the antidote to Tulika. Tulika makes Kabir drink the antidote. Banni says to Tulika that they have to take Yuvan to the hospital. Tulika goes to call the hospital. Kabir falls unconscious.

Banni says to Veer, Charmi, and Viraj what happened. Viraj says to Banni how can she agree to the marriage? Banni says there was no other choice as Kabir threatened her with Yuvan’s life. Viraj asks Banni till how long this can go on as Kabir is having his way with threatening us. Banni asks Viraj then what else can we do? Viraj says we have to find a good mental hospital so that we can join Yuvan there. Banni doesn’t agree to allowing Yuvan to join the Mental hospital. Viraj asks Banni what will she do if Kabir asks for one of their lives. Banni stays silent.

Kabir thanks Tulika for staying with him and says today he will sleep peacefully. Tulika tries to leave but Kabir requests Tulika to stay here.

Charmi says to Banni that she is finding Yuvan in Kabir that is her mistake. Banni says she already talked to the doctor about it and says it is also Doctor’s advice that to allow Yuvan to stay in the house. Veer apologises to Banni and says Kabir is not only dangerous but also greedy and says Kabir is also after the property and asks Viraj to find a good mental hospital. Banni shouts and says she will not allow anyone to send Yuvan to the mental hospital and warns them to not even think about it.

Tulika asks Kabir if he loves her that much as he tried to kill himself for her. Kabir says I already lost you once and I can’t lose you again Bunty. Tulika gets surprised to hear Kabir call Tulika with her pet name from her childhood. Tulika asks Kabir how does he know her name when she was a child. Kabir says a few years before when Tulika was Bunty. Kabir falls asleep while talking. Tulika thinks of how does Kabir know her pet name.

Devraj sees Tulika and Kabir being together and thinks of how much Banni has suffered after marrying Yuvan. Tulika leaves Kabir sleeping.

Agastya requests Banni to leave all this and come with him. Banni asks Agastya on what right does he hold her hand. Agastya apologises to Banni. Banni says to Agastya that he thinks of herself as a true friend and that’s why he is doing this right. Agastya stays silent. Banni requests Agastya for a favour. Banni says she saw Yuvan wants to come out of Kabir when she showed Kabir of their memories. Agastya asks Banni how can she be so sure? Banni says she already talked to the doctor about it and says she can only stop the marriage when Yuvan feels like he is losing Banni. So to make that happen. Banni requests Agastya to marry her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabir sees Banni is also having Mehendi. Kabir asks Tulika why is Banni having Mehendi function? Banni says only he doesn’t have the right to start a new life and says she is also going to start a new life. Banni shows Agastya to Kabir. Kabir says he thought Banni loves Yuvan like he loves Tulika and says she will not love anyone else besides Yuvan. Banni hopes to see Yuvan in Kabir.

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