Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th September 2022 Written Update: Manini’s new ploy to keep Yuvan away from Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 13th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan trying to leave the venue. Banni stops him and asks him to tell her what happened. Yuvan says I want to go home. Banni asks if he hid from his wife. Yuvan runs and collides with a lady which makes her drop the flower basket. Lady scolds Yuvan and calls him crazy. Yuvan tells Banni that the whole world will call him crazy if he participates in the competition. Banni tries to tell him today he sang in front of many people. Yuvan doesn’t listen and leaves. Devraj asks Banni to let Yuvan leave. He asks her to leave it. Banni tells Devraj that I will make Yuvan participate in the rockstar competition.

Later at home, Yuvan tells Banni that he is happy to get many kids as his friends. Banni says the whole world can become your friends if you participate in a competition. Yuvan refuses to participate. Banni says you have 3 days of work in a week and what you do tomorrow. Yuvan says I’m elder than you so stop questioning and force him to participate in the competition. Banni apologizes to him.

Manini thinks about why Banni is apologizing to him. Viraj comes there and asks for a headache table. Manini silences him. Viraj says don’t know how to bear these dramas. He asks if she has a headache tablet. Manini thinks she got an idea to keep Yuvan away from Banni.

Banni asks Yuvan to eat food. Yuvan says I don’t like to hide these secrets. Banni asks him to do it for her. Then they play with each other and fall on the bed. Yuvan adjusts her hair and signs her that she is good. Banni asks Yuvan to not tell anyone about the singing competition including his mother as it’s their secret. Yuvan agrees. Banni prays to God to make her get the idea to take Yuvan to auditions. She feeds food to Yuvan.

The next day, Myra comes downstairs saying Palak didn’t wake up. Alapana says Palak is not your worker and use your alarm. Myra runs to her college. Banni brings form to the house temple. She prays to God to make her successfully implement her plan. Devraj comes there. He asks how can she manage everything. Banni says I can, she tells him that she will make Yuvan agree to attend auditions once Manini left for office. Devraj asks what’s her plan. Banni says I will tell you later as the walls of this house have ears.

Yuvan comes there and calls Banni. Banni sees him. Yuvan tells mom gave me these new clothes. Manini announces hereafter Yuvan will go to the office along with me. She asks Viraj to set up a game room for Yuvan in the office so he can play when I’m in a meeting. Banni asks why will he go to the office. Manini says Yuvan is grown up so he needs to attend the office. She asks Yuvan to take his blessings. Yuvan prays to God. Manini says to Banni, yesterday you snatched Yuvan from me for a day and today I will snatch Yuvan from you for the day and many more to come.

Banni will say to Devraj that we have just today after applying for the competition and if she takes Yuvan away, we will lose the chance. The servant shows Box to Manini and asks if it’s the one she asked. Manini agrees. She asks Charmi to take it to her mother’s place. Charmi takes it in anger. Banni thinks about how to stop Yuvan from going to the office. Devraj says today Yuvan won’t come to the office. Manini asks why.

Devraj says I want Banni and Yuvan to attend Manoranjan Bhoomi pooja as minister Naik is coming too. Manini asks why he didn’t tell her about it as she wants to meet Naik for a long to expand her business. She tells she will attend it and asks Viraj to hold the invitation card. Viraj drops the card. They leave without observing it. Banni praises Devraj’s idea. Yuvan gets competition form. He tells Banni that he won’t participate. Devraj tells Banni that now it’s your real testing time.

Episode ends.

Recap – Yuvan plays the violin and sings beautifully. Banni removes his blindfolds. Everyone claps for him. Banni asks Yuvan to forget that he is weak. The host and others wait for Agastya. Agastya enters the venue.

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