Banni Chow Home Delivery 14th September 2022 Written Update: Banni and Yuvan are stuck in a traffic jam because of Agastya

Banni Chow Home Delivery 14th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan saying to Banni that he doesn’t want to participate in any audition. Banni says fine. She asks him to sing for her. Yuvan agrees. Banni blindfolds his eyes and asks him to sing in that way. She takes him outside where many people are already there. It’s shown how Banni invited outside vendors and their servants to hear Yuvan’s song.

Banni asks Yuvan to sing. Yuvan plays his violin and sings a song for Banni. Everyone enjoys his melodious voice. Banni and Devraj feel so happy. Devraj signs every one to stay silent. Yuvan asks Banni how she felt. Banni unties his blindfolds. Everyone claps for him. Banni says your talent is not limited to one day and you sang well again. Yuvan goes inside saying she cheated on him.

Banni follows him and tells him that she tried to make him realize his talent. She asks him to forget about the people in front of him and concentrate on his target. She advises him to fight with himself to prove to the world. Yuvan smiles. He hears people telling Devraj that he sang very well. Banni tells Yuvan that he is not crazy like he feels and asks him to show his magic to the world. Yuvan agrees. Banni and Devraj feel happy.

Banni searches for the pen. Devraj gives her telling her it’s in front of her. Banni tells him she is so tense. She calls Yuvan. Yuvan comes out. Banni says he is looking good and asks Yuvan to sign the form. Yuvan shivers while signing. He asks how everything happens at the auditorium. Banni says she is also going for the first time so they need to experience it and we are together in it. Yuvan agrees.

At the Auditorium, reporters take the reactions of participants. The organizer asks Guard to not allow any contestants after 30 minutes. Shruthi says everyone is here except the judge Agastya. Shruthi calls the Manager of Agastya and gets to know they are on the way. On the way, Yuvan asks Banni why she is driving fastly. Banni asks him to hold her. Yuvan holds her and tells her that he is feeling tense about the competition. Banni says she is also feeling the same. She says all the best to both of us. She assures him that he will be praised.

The manager tells Agastya that his fan base is crazy and arranged a poster outside his house. At a traffic signal, an old couple requests the manager to buy their balloons. The manager says they can’t need their balloons and is about to give them money. Agastya stops him telling him they need to respect their hard work. Agastya asks the driver to stop the car and he comes out of the car. People go crazy seeing him.

Banni sees a poster on the way. She tells Yuvan that he will win the competition and his posters will be everywhere. Agastya goes to the top of his car. Fans ask if he is going to perform live on street. Girls shout they love him. Agastya takes purple balloons and tells today purple is the color of love. He asks everyone to show their love for him. Everyone buys balloons. The old couple feel happy. Banni is stuck in a traffic jam. Banni thinks about how sudden traffic jam happens.

Episode ends.

Precap – Agastya performs in the middle of the street. Banni fights with him. Later Banni goes to the auditorium and learns Agastya is the judge and gets shocked.

The episode starts with Yuvan trying to leave the venue. Banni stops him and asks him to tell her what happened. Yuvan says I want to go home. Banni asks if he hid from his wife. Yuvan runs and collides with a lady which makes her drop the flower basket. Lady scolds Yuvan and calls him crazy. Yuvan tells Banni that the whole world will call him crazy if he participates in the competition. Banni tries to tell him today he sang in front of many people. Yuvan doesn’t listen and leaves. Devraj asks Banni to let Yuvan leave. He asks her to leave it. Banni tells Devraj that I will make Yuvan participate in the rockstar competition.

Later at home, Yuvan tells Banni that he is happy to get many kids as his friends. Banni says the whole world can become your friends if you participate in a competition. Yuvan refuses to participate. Banni says you have 3 days of work in a week and what you do tomorrow. Yuvan says I’m elder than you so stop questioning and force him to participate in the competition. Banni apologizes to him.

Manini thinks about why Banni is apologizing to him. Viraj comes there and asks for a headache table. Manini silences him. Viraj says don’t know how to bear these dramas. He asks if she has a headache tablet. Manini thinks she got an idea to keep Yuvan away from Banni.

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