Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th September 2022 Written Update: Banni confronts Agastya

Banni Chow Home Delivery 15th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Agastya performing on road. Everyone enjoys his performance. Yuvan tells Banni that he is performing well. Banni says he needs to play at home and he doesn’t know how much problem he is causing others by obstructing the road. She goes to teach a lesson to him. Guards stop her. Banni asks Yuvan to stay back. She beats guards and goes up of the jeep.

Agastya is about to lose balance because of sudden entry but Banni stops it by holding his hand. Agastya asks what the hell and what is this. Banni says your voice is good but that doesn’t mean you play music on the road which is causing trouble for others. Agastya calls Guards. He notices his guard’s state. Banni says I taught them a lesson and she asks which pickle he wants her to make him.

Agastya asks if she knows who’s she. Banni says you’re some rich brat. Agastya asks how dare she talk with him in this way. He warns her to not repeat it and says don’t know what she thinks about herself. Banni introduces herself with her good. She says I’m getting late that’s why I’m leaving otherwise I may teach a lesson to you. Banni asks them to clear the way. Agastya sees fans state. He covers saying it’s a prank shoot. Everyone cheers. Agastya tells the manager to not let Banni comes in front of him again and he asks him to send bouncers too.

Viraj calls Charmi and tells her that he lost the invitation card. He asks him to send the address of it. Manini scolds him. Charmi hears it and she sends the wrong address to them.

Banni and Yuvan reach the venue on time. The organizer gives the number to Yuvan. Girls see Agastya and rush to him. Yuvan shows Agastya to Banni. Banni asks the organizer who is he. The organizer says he is Agastya who is the main judge of the competition. Banni regrets her actions. She hides from Agastya. She thinks things may go out of hands if he saw her with Yuvan.

A friend of Agastya takes him inside telling him they have to start the competition. Banni asks Yuvan to not worry as Agastya didn’t see them together and she asks him to sing well to fulfill her dream and tells him that she will watch from the corner. Yuvan agrees. Banni talks loudly to express her happiness. Everyone sees her strangely then she sits.

Agastya rejects many people who don’t have good voices. Priya comes out and says Agastya is strict and rude. Yuvan and Banni feel worried hearing it. Agastya chooses people who have a good voice. Yuvan says to Banni that he will leave as he can’t bear it if Agastya scolds him. Banni says everyone will applaud your performance and your mom and everyone feel happy when you lift the trophy and he asks him to not forget his promise to her. Yuvan agrees. Co contestants make fun of Yuvan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvan will feel tense in front of Agastya. Agastya asks him to leave. Banni stops Agastya and tells him that you have to give chance to Yuvan and you can’t hurt his self confidence in this way. She says this competition is going to air on tv so let’s this challenge be air on it. Agastya says he will step down as judge if 20 people like Yuvan’s singing. Banni record it and accepts the challenge.

The episode starts with Yuvan saying to Banni that he doesn’t want to participate in any audition. Banni says fine. She asks him to sing for her. Yuvan agrees. Banni blindfolds his eyes and asks him to sing in that way. She takes him outside where many people are already there. It’s shown how Banni invited outside vendors and their servants to hear Yuvan’s song.

Banni asks Yuvan to sing. Yuvan plays his violin and sings a song for Banni. Everyone enjoys his melodious voice. Banni and Devraj feel so happy. Devraj signs every one to stay silent. Yuvan asks Banni how she felt. Banni unties his blindfolds. Everyone claps for him. Banni says your talent is not limited to one day and you sang well again. Yuvan goes inside saying she cheated on him.

Banni follows him and tells him that she tried to make him realize his talent. She asks him to forget about the people in front of him and concentrate on his target. She advises him to fight with himself to prove to the world. Yuvan smiles. He hears people telling Devraj that he sang very well. Banni tells Yuvan that he is not crazy like he feels and asks him to show his magic to the world. Yuvan agrees. Banni and Devraj feel happy.

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