Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th November 2022 Written Update: Banni annoys Kabir

Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni asking Mehendi artist to write A beautifully in her hand. Agastya asks Mehendi artist to write Banni chow home delivery on his hand as Banni is incomplete without her business and I want her fully. Kabir witnesses it. He says he will write K in Tulika’s hand. He writes in Tulika’s hand. Tulika admires him. Banni recalls her moments with Yuvan. Tulika notices Banni and realizes she is doing wrong. Kabir asks Mehendi artist to write Bunty in his hand. Banni signs artist to write Banni. Banni says to Agastya that Kabir is not seeing them. Agastya says let’s do something to make him see us. Agastya says let’s dance and he dances with Banni.

Kabir doesn’t give them attention. Banni asks Agastya to implement her idea. He asks if she is sure. Banni agrees. Agastya asks Banni to give him a special gift and signs her kiss. Kabir notices it in anger. Banni takes Agastya to the room. She tells Agastya that Yuvan will definitely come and we have to act closer to make him realize that we are actually kissing. Agastya goes towards Banni. Yuvan goes to Banni and hugs her. Banni signs Agastya that their plan is successful. Agastya leaves closing the door.

Yuvan tells Banni that he can’t live without her. He says he doesn’t know what’s happening around him. Banni says nothing, we are about to get married. Yuvan feels happy but he gets a sudden headache. He tells Banni that he is feeling someone is pulling him. Banni assures him nothing will happen to him.

Meanwhile, officers from the psychiatric hospital arrive at Rathore mansion to pick up Yuvan. Viraj asks Veer why he called them. Veer says he didn’t. They ask the officer who called them. Officer says they received the complaint against Yuvan but don’t know who complained. Myra calls Banni downstairs. Banni tells officers that everything is fine and asks the officer to leave.

Officer says they received notice so they can’t leave without meeting Yuvan. Banni says she won’t let them meet Yuvan. Yuvan comes there and asks the officer why he wants to meet him. Officer asks Yuvan if he tried to bury Banni alive and tried to demolish the house? Yuvan asks what kind of stories he is saying. Officer says they need to take him to the hospital for a checkup. They try to take Yuvan forcefully without listening to family members.

Kabir comes out from Yuvan. He asks Doctor to bring who complained to them. The doctor says they don’t know. Kabir says he can prove that he doesn’t have a split personality. He asks Tulika to give her testimony as a doctor. Banni signs Tulika. Tulika says Yuvan doesn’t have any split personality. Officer and his team leave. Kabir confronts Veer. Veer says he didn’t call them. Kabir warns him to never think to do it. Banni thinks about who may call them. Kabir tells Banni that she and her Yuvan got defeated. Kabir dances with Tulika.

In the room, Viraj says to Veer that everything is going according to plan but you spoiled everything. Veer says he didn’t call them. Banni comes there and confronts Veer about why he did it. Veer says he didn’t do it. Banni warns him to stay on the limit and leaves.

Banni goes to Devraj. Devraj says he didn’t call any mental care center people. Banni says then who called them? Devraj says it doesn’t matter. Banni says don’t lose hope, today Yuvan tried to come out and he needs our support. Devraj says I agree Yuvan come out but he got defeated in Kabir’s hand. Banni says they have 2 weeks. Devraj says he doesn’t think Yuvan can be cured so stop dreaming about Yuvan and marry Agastya for your happiness.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabir plays dhol and says Today is haldi soon they will be married so I want Agastya to complete the ritual of applying vermilion today. Everyone gets tensed

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