Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th September 2022 Written Update: Yuvan faces humiliation in the audition

Banni Chow Home Delivery 16th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with other contestants making fun of Yuvan. Banni holds his hand and tells him they are together. That time Devraj calls Banni and wishes all the best to Yuvan. Banni says Devraj that next is Yuvan’s number and disconnects the call.

Devraj prays to God. Manini and Viraj reach to location. Manini asks Viraj if they reach to correct place. Viraj says it’s the correct address as Charmi sends it. Their organizers welcome Manini and ask her to give a speech. Viraj asks where is minister. Organizer asks what’s the need to call the minister when Devraj’s family member is attending. Manini says to Viraj that Devraj lied to them and keeps Yuvan away from me we need to leave to know what’s happening there. Viraj says it’s not good to leave immediately as the Media is covering them.

Agastya asks Priya how many are left for auditions. Priya says two are left. Upasana comes to give her auditions. Priya says Upasana is the daughter of a music daughter and she may come here thinking nepotism will work. Agastya doesn’t like her talk. Yuvan feels nervous.

Banni encourages him. Shruthi asks Yuvan to sing like Ganesh Chaturthi day. Agastya selects Upasana. Priya asks how he selected her as she didn’t sing that well. Agastya says she is the daughter of a rich man that doesn’t mean everyone uses their rich dad’s fame to reach new heights. Priya apologizes to him.

Shruthi sends Yuvan inside. Agastya asks Yuvan about the meaning of his name. Yuvan says it’s another name for Shiv Ji. Agastya asks what’s music means to him. Yuvan says music is everything to him. Banni signs him he answered well. Agastya asks what’s his educational qualification as he didn’t fill in the form. Yuvan says he studied up to 2nd class. Agastya asks why he didn’t continue his studies. Is it because of financial issues? Yuvan feels nervous seeing everyone us smiling at him. Banni signs him to concentrate. Yuvan says they have money but he couldn’t because his mind is stuck in some moment.

Agastya tells Priya to call people who are stable and he asks Yuvan to leave and rejects him saying it’s not a place for him. Banni signs Yuvan to play the violin. Yuvan requests him for one chance and takes his violin. Priya asks Agastya to give him one change. Agastya agrees. Yuvan feels nervous thinking about others humiliating comments. Agastya asks Yuvan to leave and says this place is not for him. Yuvan hugs Banni and apologizes to her.

Banni says it’s fine. Priya says it’s pack up. Banni stops them. Agastya recognizes her. He asks if he is with her. Banni says yes. She asks why they didn’t chance to Yuvan. Agastya asks if she feels Yuvan has the talent to become a rockstar. Banni says yes. Agastya says this competition needs swag and X factor which lacks in Yuvan and I can show sympathy but I can’t select him and who’s he to you. Banni says Yuvan is my husband. Agastya asks if she feels Yuvan can become a rockstar like him. Banni looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni says to Agastya that he can’t break self confidence of Yuvan in this way. She asks him to give chance to Yuvan. Agastya challenges that he will walk out of judging the competition even if 20 people like Yuvan’s voice. Banni accepts his challenge.

The episode starts with Agastya performing on road. Everyone enjoys his performance. Yuvan tells Banni that he is performing well. Banni says he needs to play at home and he doesn’t know how much problem he is causing others by obstructing the road. She goes to teach a lesson to him. Guards stop her. Banni asks Yuvan to stay back. She beats guards and goes up of the jeep.

Agastya is about to lose balance because of sudden entry but Banni stops it by holding his hand. Agastya asks what the hell and what is this. Banni says your voice is good but that doesn’t mean you play music on the road which is causing trouble for others. Agastya calls Guards. He notices his guard’s state. Banni says I taught them a lesson and she asks which pickle he wants her to make him.

Agastya asks if she knows who’s she. Banni says you’re some rich brat. Agastya asks how dare she talk with him in this way. He warns her to not repeat it and says don’t know what she thinks about herself. Banni introduces herself with her good. She says I’m getting late that’s why I’m leaving otherwise I may teach a lesson to you. Banni asks them to clear the way. Agastya sees fans state. He covers saying it’s a prank shoot. Everyone cheers. Agastya tells the manager to not let Banni comes in front of him again and he asks him to send bouncers too.

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