Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th November 2022 Written Update: Banni finds Tulika and Yuvan’s pasts are connected

Banni Chow Home Delivery 17th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni saying to Devraj that relations made with heart are stronger than fate sometimes they can even change fate and Yuvan and my relationship is one of them and even god can’t break our relationship. Devraj looks on. Later Banni prays to Shiv Ji to be with her in this fight. Hemant comes there and tells Banni that he didn’t find who called the Mental hospital staff but I’m sure it’s Veer’s work. Banni says they have to know which incident in Yuvan’s childhood traumatized him to find out how Kabir came into Yuvan’s life. Hemant blesses Banni and tells her that she will reach the truth soon. She thanks him. He leaves. Banni sees Yuvan’s Bunty doll and recalls Yuvan’s connection with it.

Kabir tries to control his anger. Tulika comes there and asks him why he looks scared. She says you no need to be scared of Yuvan as you’re strong. He asks Tulika to be always with me and never leave my hand. Banni enters Yuvan’s room to search for the photo Yuvan has. She notices a photo in Yuvan’s diary. Tulika pleads with Kabir to tell her what he knows about her childhood. Banni takes a photo to Devraj and asks him who’s the girl in the photo with Yuvan and his mom. Devraj says it’s an old photo, she is Bunty. Banni looks on.

Kabir says to Tulika you’re my childhood friend and partner and I recognized you with help of this B locket which mom made it for you specially. Devraj says Vandana used to learn classical music from a teacher, her teacher fell ill and passed away so Vandana brought Bunty to this house. Kabir says then we met and I used to take of your so much then Maha Shivratri came. Devraj says they lost Vandana and Bunty in maha Shivratri. Kabir says fate again united us and it might be mon’s blessing. Tulika says they really share a cosmic connection, she thanks him and hugs him. Banni says Tulika is connected to Yuvan’s childhood and the trauma due to which Kabir is born. Devraj asks why is she linking Tulika in it. Banni says Tulika is Bunty and she will make us get our Yuvan.

Tulika tells Kabir that first she is feeling she has Kabir in her life and she is not an orphan. She remembers Banni and breaks their hug. Tulika recalls Banni’s words to know what traumatized Yuvan in his childhood. Tulika says it’s tough to lose mom and that incident made you mentally unstable. Kabir says he didn’t lose mental stability and they made him crazy with medicines to make him forget that his mom was killed. Tulika gets shocked and asks him who forced him to take those medicines and why he didn’t tell anyone about his mom’s murder.

Kabir says I couldn’t reveal it to anyone even though that person is right in front of me. Tulika asks him to share with her. Kabir says it’s my past and I’m helpless but now I’m strong and they can’t even touch my hair. Tulika thinks Kabir knows everything but he is not revealing but Kabir will be gone if his trauma is healed. Kabir asks Tulika to get ready for Mehendi. He tells her that he is top of the world. He asks Tulika to enjoy their Mehendi.

Tulika decides to tell everything Banni to cure Yuvan. Tulika’s inner self asks Tulika to not lose her love Kabir by revealing the truth to Banni. She asks Tulika to not become an orphan again for Banni and you love Kabir so just admits it. Tulika says true I love him but. Inner self asks Tulika to think about herself and her love for Kabir, not for Banni and Yuvan. Banni comes there and tells Tulika that she is related to Yuvan and Vandana. She says they have to know why Yuvan traumatized. She asks Tulika if Kabir told her anything. Tulika lies to Banni saying Kabir didn’t tell her anything.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabir plays dhol and says Today is haldi soon they will be married so I want Agastya to complete the ritual of applying vermilion today. Everyone gets tensed.

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