Banni Chow Home Delivery 18th November 2022 Written Update: Banni challenges Kabir

Banni Chow Home Delivery 18th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulika feeling guilty for lying to Banni but she didn’t inform Banni about the secrets Kabir revealed to her. Banni notices Tulika is tense. She asks Tulika to not worry and tells her that Shiv Ji will show them the way. Later Banni gets ready for Haldi and she goes to Tulika’s room. She asks Tulika to not worry and I won’t let Kabir apply haldi to her.

She says she wishes Yuvan to come out today itself and she tells Tulika that Yuvan will apply Haldi to her. Tulika tells Banni that she wants to tell her something. Myra calls Banni. Banni leaves without listening to Tulika. Kabir goes to Tulika’s room with Haldi. Tulika says he can’t bring it. Kabir says he updated the ritual. She tries to say something. He stops her and makes her wear the jewellery. She feels happy. He says he will apply Haldi to her. Tulika recalls Banni’s hope and leaves from there. Kabir follows her to apply Haldi.

Banni sees them and she dreams about Yuvan dancing with her and applying haldi to her. She comes out of her dream and goes to Tulika who’s guilty of deceiving Banni. Kabir from the back assumes Tulika is there and applies haldi to Banni. He gets shocked seeing her. Banni feels happy. Banni asks Kabir to not come to her Haldi as it’s going to be Agastya one. Kabir says he will come as he is happy that she is leaving his life. Banni challenges him to apply Haldi to her first if he is that much happy.

Rohan scolds Agastya for playing with wedding rituals for Banni. He asks him to tell Kabir that this wedding is fake then Yuvan won’t come out and Banni will be yours. Agastya says he can’t do it. Rohan says he will message Kabir and is about to do it. Agastya stops him. Rohan asks him to use the opportunity life is giving him. Agastya takes his phone and asks him to leave.

Viraj asks Veer to not create any drama. Veer thinks he has to end the drama and he sees his phone. Agastya comes to Rathore mansion. Banni sees Kabir and talks closely with Agastya. Yuvan tries to come out but Kabir stops him and he finishes the challenge by applying Haldi to Banni. Kabir congratulates Agastya. Banni feels sad. Kabir asks why she looks sad?

He says you may expect Yuvan but don’t worry it’s Agastya’s name Haldi and Kabir applied it to you. Kabir asks everyone to enjoy Banni’s Haldi. Kabir plays dhol. He asks Tulika to apply haldi to Banni. Tulika applies haldi to Banni. Kabir tells Banni and Agastya that he will make their event more memorable, he says Today is haldi, they will be married so I want Agastya to complete the ritual of applying vermilion today. Everyone gets tensed.

Episode ends.

Recap – Kabir forwards Vermilion and asks Agastya to apply to Banni’s mang. He says tomorrow I will get married to Tulika then Banni will put Chandan mala to her dead husband’s Yuvan photo.

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