Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st June 2022 Written Update: Malini spoils the pooja

Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Devraj narrating to Banni about why Yuvan’s condition is like this as he saw with his own eyes his mother’s death for him time stopped and age also. We did treatment but none of it succeeded. Banni prepares the Bhog and tells him the menu and thinks you helped a lot now I have the main work we have to make Yuvan sit in the Pooja. As he has not yet sit in the Pooja in the last 15 years. Banni offers Devraj that she will try to convince Yuvan to bring him to sit in Pooja.

Kalpana and her Mamisa scare Yuvan and say they will take Yuvan away just like they took their mother if he came out of the room. Yuvan agrees to not come out of the room. Banni comes into Yuvan’s room and sees that everything is messy. Banni offers Yuvan’s badam kheer.

Banni tries to talk to him to take him downstairs but she sees that he is scared. Veer comes and sees that the showcase is broken and asks Kalpana who broke it. Kalpana says it is Yuvan. Veer comes into Yuvan’s room and asks him if he broke the showpiece. Yuvan gets scared and passes himself in his pants. Kalpana and her Mamisa comment on it.

Veer tries to hit him. Banni stops him and says she is the one who broke the showpiece. Veer asks her who she is. Banni introduces herself in her style. Yuvan says he is scared of ghosts and he will not come out of the room. Kalpana challenges Banni to bring Yuvan downstairs and show them. Banni says she can fight ghosts and she throws Badham kheer at Kalpana and her Mamisa.

Kalpana gets angry as she spoiled their dresses. Kalpana tries to hit her and Banni puts her in hold and warns her and Veer also comes and she also warns him after putting him in a hold. Banni says she will fight ghosts like this and tells him she can take care of ghosts. Yuvan is shown to get ready to sit in the Pooja.

Banni offers her hand and she takes Yuvan to the Pooja. Yuvan sees that there is kheer in the bhog and he asks he wants it. Banni says that bhog is for shiv Ji, if he does Pooja it will be his. Yuvan agrees and sits for the Pooja and he does Pooja with Banni. Manini comes and sees that Yuvan is in the Pooja. Malini asks who brought Yuvan downstairs. Banni says she brought him.

Malini asks who she is. Banni says she is business women just like and says she does a home delivery business. Malini asks what the hell is happening. Kalpana says Mamusa ordered food from her for Yuvan and she is the one who prepared the bhog.

Malini says to Devraj, you don’t like to order outside food but you make this roadside girl prepare bhog in our kitchen. Banni asks her to talk with respect and god gave her tongue to taste and talk good, not to badmouth about others. Malini asks her to get out taking her payment.

Malini sees angrily at Yuvan. Yuvan moves back in fear and apologises to her. Banni stops Malini from going to Yuvan and tells her she is spoiling the name of stepmother. Malini says how dare you, she asks Devraj if he reveals it to her. Banni says I witnessed everything and he lost his mother so understand his pain and I don’t have a mother that’s why I know that pain.

Devraj says Yuvan comes to attend the pooja after 15 years. He pleads with Malini to not stop the pooja. Malini says today pooja will happen like how Yuvan’s biological mother used to perform it. Banni says good decision, she was Malini to leave taking prasad. She makes Yuvan perform the pooja. Malini signs Kalpana. She pours ghee and does sankaravam. BhaJan people enter and does loud sounds with their instruments Yuvan collapse in fear. Banni angrily sees Malini.

Episode ends.

Precap – Devraj on call asks Banni to get the Kadha. She tells him she can’t come. Banni tells Mamisa that she will pay his fee again. Mamisa safe tomorrow is the last day. Rowdy asks Banni to spend the night with him to get life time settlement.

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