Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st November 2022 Written Update: Tulika confronts Yuvan/Kabir

Banni Chow Home Delivery 1st November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan searching for Banni in the house. Myra tells him Banni left the house and how can you betray her. She says you’re fine just because of Banni and I never forgive you for what you did to Banni. Banni grinds the spices in anger. She asks Vishnu to distribute rice pudding to poor people and tells him that she is removing kheer from her food menu. Vishnu asks what is she hiding in her heart. He says glad dad and mom went to Jaipur, he asks her to share her pain with him. Banni says nothing and asks him to finish the work she assigned to him. Someone knocks on the calling bell. Vishnu opens the door and notices Yuvan come.

Yuvan says he wants to talk with Banni. Vishnu tells Banni that Yuvan jiju came to meet her. Banni feels happy then she recalls Yuvan’s betrayal. She tells Vishnu that Yuvan is not his jiju and asks him to make Yuvan leave the house. Yuvan asks her to listen to him. Banni refuses and throws him out of her house and tells him that there is no place for betrayers in their house. Yuvan tries to say she is misunderstanding him but she closes the door without listening to him.

Later Yuvan waits outside Banni’s place. Banni returns home. He tries to talk with Banni but she doesn’t give him chance. Banni notices he is thirsty but she doesn’t help him. Yuvan drinks water from a hand pump. Banni feels bad. Raja and his friends come there and ask Yuvan if Banni left him. Raja says Banni is not good and asks him to forget about her. Yuvan warns him to not talk anything bad about Banni. Raja asks what he does if he talks? He pushes Yuvan. Banni holds Yuvan. She thrashes Raja and his friends. They run from there.

Yuvan follows Banni and asks her to listen to him once. Banni says there is nothing to listen from you as I met Tulika and she told me how you proposed to her and gave her a ring. Yuvan says Tulika is lying and he tells her that he will prove his innocence and leaves. Colony people discuss if Rathod’s family throws her out. Banni rebukes them. She tells them that she is not scared of their thoughts.

Yuvan meets Tulika and confronts why she lied to Banni. Tulika says I’m waiting to confront you. She asks why she proposed to her and played with her feelings by showing his fake love. She says you made me mad and attracted me but not anymore. She asks him to never show his face. She tries to remove her ring from her finger. Blood comes out. Yuvan turns as Kabir. Tulika says you do not belong to anyone.

Kabir says he is hers and tells her he loves her. Tulika asks him to stop playing with her feelings. She tells him Banni exposed his face. It’s shown that Banni reveals to Tulika that Yuvan is playing with her feelings as he played with her. Tulika asks why he played with the 2 girls’ feelings. She warns him to never show his face to her. Kabir thinks Banni is responsible for Tulika’s pain. He thinks he won’t leave Banni for coming in between his and Tulika’s love. He wipes Tulika’s tears. He decides to make Banni leave his life. Banni sees Kabir/Yuvan.

Banni asks if he gets the proof. He asks her to come with him to see the proof. Banni goes with him. He takes Banni to the jungle and ties her to a tree. Banni asks Yuvan why he is doing it. Yuvan says I’m Kabir, he says Tulika got tears because of you and I won’t leave anyone who gave pain to Tulika. Banni asks why he is addressing himself as Kabir. He drinks alcohol and breaks the bottle near Banni’s head. Banni looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabir buries Banni alive. She struggles to come out of the coffin. Agastya comes to Banni’s place and calls her. Kabir thinks Banni’s story is ended.

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