Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th December 2022 Written Update: Kabir holds Banni responsible for Tulika’s death

Banni Chow Home Delivery 20th December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni scaring the tiger with a fire torch. Tiger leaves. Banni takes the baby from the bushes and safely returns to someplace with the baby. Kabir cries seeing Tulika’s photo. Devraj comes to him. Kabir says don’t expect information about Banni from me, I didn’t kill her but want to see her dead and never want to see her face again. Devraj is taken aback and leaves. Banni takes care of the baby and recalls everything.

Viraj and Charmi come near Yuvan’s room hearing noise. They see Kabir placing a nail on the wall with a hammer and placing Tulika’s photo on the wall. Baby cries. Kabir gets bad and asks them to make that baby stop crying. He announces to the Rathod family that Banni and the children are his biggest enemies. Banni shows Yuvan’s T-shirt to baby and says today I will swaddle you with this t-shirt and very soon your dad will come and hug you and he will love you a lot. She covers the baby with Yuvan’s T-shirt. Yuvan breaks Banni’s photo in anger. He places Garland in Tulika’s photo.

One month later Banni gets ready. She asks the baby how she is looking and will his dad likes her look? She asks Shiv ji to protect the baby from evil eyes as he is a beautiful one. Charmi comes there. Banni hugs her. Charmi says you returned after a month and after you left the city, Kabir tortured the family. Banni assures her everything will get better.

Kabir watches live discussions of Veer and Viraj and others through worker help and learns family members are unhappy with him. He closes the laptop and comes to the dining table. He punishes family members. Devraj looks helpless.

Kabir plays the violin. The worker brings juice to him and he drops it in fear. He requests Kabir to not fire him. Kabir notices worker health is not good. He gives money to the servant and asks him to return once his health is set. The servant thanks him and leaves. Devraj sees everything. He meets Kabir and says you understand other’s pain but you treat your own people like enemies.

He asks why he is troubling everyone so much. Kabir says I can only give back what I get and this family never accepted me so they deserve my hate. He gifts the watch to Devraj and tells him that he loves him and asks him to exchange it if he doesn’t like it. Charmi tells Banni that Kabir will never accept the baby and he hates you and the children. Banni says today he is Kabir but trust me his heart will beat again for me because Somewhere in Kabir my Yuvan is hiding.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni enters Rathod’s mansion in a palanquin. Kabir gets mad seeing her. He asks security to oust her. The lawyer comes there and tells him that they can’t oust Banni as Yuvan made her 50% owner of the property. Everyone gets shocked.

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