Banni Chow Home Delivery 21st December 2022 Written Update: A shocker for Kabir

Banni Chow Home Delivery 21st December 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni saying to Charmi that love will end the hatred and right now that’s what Kabir needs. She says I’m sure love has the power to change everything. Charmi says she is worried as she observed Kabir closely. Banni asks her to not ger scared. Charmi asks why she is getting ready. Banni says I have to put some effort to unite Kanha and Kabir so Kabir has to accept me first then he will accept Kanha automatically. Charmi hears the Dhol sound and asks why they are here. Banni says it’s good they came and she asks Charmi to bring Kanha later. Charmi looks confused.

Alapana asks Kabir to check last month’s contracts. Kabir says you’re the one who accepted me and without you, I couldn’t have reached the hospital but I couldn’t do anything even after reaching there. Alapana asks him to be strong. Kabir thanks her and returns the file signing it. Kabir plays the violin. Devraj turns. Banni asks Charmi how is she looking. Charmi says she is looking good. Banni says today is the day I met Yuvan in the temple that’s why I chooses it to return home as it’s mine and Yuvan’s anniversary. Charmi asks if she is really coming in Palanquin. Banni says yes and sits in the palanquin with Kanha.

Banni enters Rathod’s mansion in a palanquin. Kabir gets mad hearing the dhol sound. He asks why Palanquin is here and asks Viraj if he is doing a second marriage. Viraj says he is happy with Charmi. Kabir asks who came in Palanquin. Banni comes out placing the baby in the palanquin. Kabir asks why she returns and confronts if she forgot the fear of death. Banni says I realised Yuvan or Kabir’s heart is the same and I always wanted Yuvan to strong like you and I got what I like. Kabir asks Myra to oust Banni to escape from his punishment. Myra says I want Banni back that’s why I wrote I want Banni back. He throws papers. Banni takes Kabir’s blessing by pinching him. Kabir asks security to oust her. The lawyer comes there and tells him that they can’t oust Banni as Yuvan made her 50% owner of the property. Everyone gets shocked.

Banni recalls her promise to Yuvan that she will make Yuvan come back if Kabir overpowers him. In the past, Yuvan tells her he wants to help her and he shows her that papers how he made her 50 percent share owner of his ancestral property. Banni asks him what’s the need for it. Yuvan says you might need it in the future and if ever Kabir returns then he will be yours and my family’s enemy and he can oust you and family and that time these papers will help you and give you the right so keep them safe. Banni agrees.

Banni tells Kabir that I’m your better half in everything with the right. Alapana asks how can they trust Banni who snatched their 50 percent property. Banni rebukes her and tells Kabir that she is his wife. Devraj says to Inspector that Banni will stay with them. Banni thanks her. Inspector asks Banni to complain to them if she faces any problems. Banni agrees. They leave. Banni asks Dhol people to take her things inside along with the palanquin. Kabir asks Banni to stay in the guest room and said he will search her things before. Banni looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – some people shout to save a child from a fire breakout. Banni tries to enter her house. Local people ask Banni has you mad? Can’t you see the fire? Banni says there is something that’s more precious than my life so leave me. Banni brings out her mom’s photo. Kabir mocks Banni. She realises he is behind fire accident.

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