Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd November 2022 Written Update: Banni foils Kabir’s plan

Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir noticing everyone is alive. He asks is this revolver fake? Kabir smiles and tells Banni that he heard her plan. He puts a real bullet in a revolver, aims the gun at Banni and tells her that he failed her plan again. Devraj asks Kabir to not harm her. Banni says he can’t harm me and today I learned from him that Manini is not the culprit and one person from this house is responsible so I will find that person soon.

Kabir says I’m saving that person so you can’t find that person and I’m not harming you as I promised Tulika and tomorrow I will get married to Tulika then Yuvan will be ended and you have to live lifeless life. He warns Veer and Viraj and leaves. Brinda tells Viraj that this house is not safe anymore. Viraj comforts her. Banni promises everyone that she won’t let Kabir do anything wrong.

Kabir takes out a dress and thinks Tulika will be beautiful in it. He recalls Banni’s challenge to end him reaching Yuvan’s trauma. He thinks Banni will definitely do something so I need to do something. He calls Tulika and asks her to not come home as it’s inauspicious if the bride and groom see each other before marriage night. Tulika agrees and tells him that she will stay in the clinic. Kabir agrees and cuts the call. Tulika feels guilty for not informing the truth to Banni. She thinks she can’t tell truth to Banni as it ends her Kabir.

Kabir thinks Tulika can’t see the situation of tonight at home that’s why I stopped her in the clinic. Banni asks Viraj how to reach the culprit. Viraj says it’s tough to find that person in 24 hours. Devraj comes there and says he feels Veer is correct so it’s good if we sent Kabir to the Mental health center and according to your promise tomorrow is the last day and you have to start a new life with Agastya removing Yuvan’s name from your life. Banni says she can’t forget Yuvan until she forgets herself. She assures Devraj that Yuvan will return and tomorrow you will give my hand to Yuvan, not Agastya.

Kabir thinks about how Yuvan used to feel scared seeing the devil mask. Kabir thinks it’s time for Rathods to learn a lesson seeing the sword. Charmi tells Banni that she is scared of Kabir. Banni makes her eat a tablet and asks her to sleep without thinking about anything. She assures her that she is with her. Charmi sleeps.

Banni thinks Kabir is smart so I need to think 2 steps ahead to defeat him. Kabir dresses up like a devil and says this night is going to be an entertainment and scary night for Rathods. He tries to kill Viraj but notices Viraj is not in the bed. On another side, Veer asks Banni why she brings them to her place. Banni recalls how she saw Kabir with the sword. She tells them that she bring them here to save them from Kabir. Brinda shouts seeing Kabir. Kabir warns her to stay silent and asks her to tell him where is Veer. She tells him she doesn’t know in fear.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni takes pheras with Agastya. Kabir warns Yuvan to not come out but Yuvan comes out for Banni. He says Banni. Banni runs to Yuvan and tells him that they did everything to make him come out and today we are going to get married in mandap. Yuvan agrees. Agastya stops Yuvan from marrying Banni.

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