Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th June 2022 Written Update: Banni refuses Yuvan’s act

Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni telling Yuvan that he has to hold his ears until he apologises. Yuvan does as she said. Banni feeds food to him. Yuvan says his ears are paining. Banni asks him to apologise. Yuvan apologises to Niyati. They leave. Devraj thinks only Banni and his mom can manage him.

Manini scolds Niyati for becoming looser like Viraj. She says you’re such a disappointment. Banni says Yuvan’s mom Payal saved us this day. Devraj says his mom’s blessings are with him. Banni returns Payal. Yuvan tells he is angry with her for making me apologise to Niyati. He asks her to leave. Banni tells him she is leaving and won’t come tomorrow.

Veer tells Manini that he ordered continental and oriental food. Myra asks what will Yuvan eat, it’s not to his taste. Manini says he has to change his taste. She sees Banni and tells him that tomorrow is his engagement so you don’t need to come here.

Banni asks her to listen to it and tells her that she will come until Devraj wishes her to feed him food. She tells Niyati to not worry as she can marry him Nd get engaged to him. Yuvan asks Banni if she is changing badly like Pari. Devraj says she did because you showed her antics. Banni asks family members to not search for wrong in our relationship as our friendship is pure. Manini shows rings of engagement to Yuvan.

Yuvan takes the ring and hugs Banni and pleads her to not leave. She makes him leave her. He tries to make Banni wear the ring. Banni stops him and says these antics are making others point us and you’re getting engaged to Niyati and going to marry her not me.

Yuvan asks whom will he share his pain and who will feed him when he is hungry. Banni asks him to understand the difference and leaves. Devraj apologises to Banni and does not feel bad about Yuvan’s behavior. Banni tells she won’t take his behavior to heart. Devraj asks him to attend the engagement.

Banni agrees and tells him that she will surprise Yuvan and Yuvan is making me live my childhood and his heart is so good. Devraj says she is making them see Yuvan from a different angle. Banni goes aside to attend her customer call. Devraj says wish Banni gets engaged to Yuvan. Myra and Sulakha hear it. Myra asks him to make it happen and god won’t come to tell you.

Banni returns and is about to leave but notices she forgot her slippers. She goes inside. Banni steps inside the house stepping on the red color. Sulekha says God showed them his sign too. Banni leaves. Myra and Sulekha ask Devraj to go to talk with Banni and her family about the alliance and tell him that they can talk indirectly.

Banni sees Raja at home. She asks why they came. Raja says he came for their alliance as your Mamusa took money from me and I will marry you for sure. Banni says she will marry a person whom she likes and tells them qualities she wants and tells them that she will marry her equal person. Devraj and Myra hear it. Raja says he will kidnap her from mandap. Banni asks him to leave. She sees Devraj and Myra.

Episode ends.

Precap – Anchal tells Manini that Yuvan is missing from home. Palak and Myra inform their Dad that Yuvan is missing. Manini asks Banni where she hid Yuvan.

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