Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th September 2022 Written Update: Manini evil scheme against Yuvan succeeds

Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan and Banni dancing for the promo video. Yuvan advertises himself as rocking star’s 10th contestant. When someone runs into Rohan the medicine from his hands falls down and rolls to Banni. Agastya goes to Banni and throws a handkerchief on the medicine. Agastya takes the medicine from the floor. Banni and Agastya talk for a while and he agrees to help Yuvan after talking to Banni. Banni calls Yuvan and tells Yuvan the good news that Agastya is going to be your mentor.

Yuvan hearing this news feels elated and hugs Agastya. Yuvan praises Agastya as because of them he suffered a lot and still he is helping them. Agastya asks Yuvan if he chose a song for tomorrow. Yuvan says he didn’t. Agastya calls Priya and tells her what to do. Agastya leaves the Rathod mansion. Yuvan praises Banni on how she convinced Agastya to be his mentor.

After coming outside Rohan says to Agastya that they really look like genuine people. Agastya says to Rohan “that they are feeling sorry after they knew that I am the son of the producer.” Agastya says he is tired and he just wants to end this drama. Rohan says ‘Yuvan will not be able to sing tomorrow and then everyone will know that you were right.”

Rohan says to Agastya that he contacted the doctor and he said that if Yuvan doesn’t take these pills then he will be restless. Rohan also says there will no threat to his life. Rohan says to Agastya that he is worried about him. Agastya says to Rohan that wanting to win is being mad then I will be as you know how much important it is for me to prove that I am right. Agastya says to Rohan that Yuvan is a good singer but he can never become a rockstar.

Banni and Charmi talk about Yuvan. Manini returns to Rathod mansion. Yuvan looks for his violin and he notices that it is on a cabinet. Banni seeing Manini taunts her. Yuvan gets up on a chair to get his violin which is on the cabinet. Viraj is right behind the cabinet and when Yuvan gets on the chair. Viraj pushes the cabinet from the back. The suitcase and the violin falls on Yuvan. Yuvan shouts for Banni. Banni hearing Yuvan’s voice goes to see him.

The doctor sees Yuvan and tells Banni that he should not lift any weight with his injured hand. The doctor prescribes a pain killer for Banni. Devraj and Viraj asks him how did he get hurt his arm. Yuvan tells them what happened and how the suit case fell in him. Banni gives him medicine with milk. Manini tells Viraj to contact the rocking star team and tell them Yuvan will not participate tomorrow. Yuvan hearing this apologises to Banni. Banni consoles him.

Episode ends

Precap – Banni will call Agastya and tell him that Yuvan will not be able to participate tomorrow. Agastya says he wants to meet Yuvan. Banni gives her home address. Agastya visits Banni’s home. Banni will bring Yuvan to meet Agastya. Agastya will say to Banni that tomorrow Yuvan has to sing.

The episode starts with Yuvan telling Banni that he is feeling scared. Banni says you need to follow the director’s advice and she asks him to not get scared. Yuvan kisses her hands and thanks her. Agastya notices everything. Yuvan says I’m nothing without you. Banni says now everything will be fine and I will get only happy tears. Yuvan sees Agastya in shock. Banni asks Yuvan to not get scared as Agastya accepted our apology. Yuvan thanks Agastya. A shooting member calls Yuvan downstairs. Banni sends him feeding sugar and curd.

Crew member guides Yuvan on how he has to twirl the heroine. Yuvan tells Banni that he can’t do it. Banni assures him saying he can do it then he serves drinks and pasta to crew members. Yuvan fails to dance with heroin and he feels uncomfortable. Agastya tells Banni that he wants to apologise to her and assures Banni that he will guide Yuvan becoming his mentor. Banni says Yuvan has her. Agastya says it’s not easy like cooking. Banni says cooking is not easy.

Agastya says sorry, I know cooking is tough too. Yuvan makes Heroine fall down. Mona says I can’t act with him and walks away. Director says how can they shoot without a lady? Yuvan proposes to use Banni. Crew members are against his advice. Agastya stops them and tells Banni is a good choice and through this, we can show how Banni wants her husband to become a rockstar. Crew members agree. Banni says I can’t. Yuvan and his family members request her to do it. Banni denies it and leaves for her room.

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