Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th November 2022 Written Update: Kabir loses his control

Banni Chow Home Delivery 25th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Tulika deciding to tell the truth to Banni. Kabir comes there and praises her beauty. He tells her that they can marry with all rituals after Banni-Agastya’s marriage. Tulika agrees. Later Banni and Tulika come downstairs after getting ready as brides. Banni sees Kabir and recalls her moments with Yuvan. Kabir says everyone knows this marriage is fake so stop acting Banni. Banni says this wedding dress came from Agastya’s family. Kabir says he doesn’t care. Banni asks him to drop her near mandap. Kabir agrees. He holds her hand and drops her near the mandap.

Agastya holds Banni’s hand. They exchange varmala. Everyone claps for them. Yuvan tries to come out but Kabir stops him and stands near Tulika. Banni and Agastya sit for puja. Banni recalls her wedding promises to Yuvan and she prays to God to help her and she sees Yuvan’s photo in her hand and thinks she is doing every ritual with Yuvan only to revive him. Rohan tells Devraj that Agastya loves Banni so much and with time Banni will forget Yuvan’s name seeing Agastya’s immense love. Kabir hears it. Devraj says it has to happen as Banni deserves all the happiness. Pandit calls Devraj to do Gadhbandan. Devraj does Gadhbandan of Banni and Agastya. Yuvan struggles to come out.

Pandit asks Banni and Agastya to start pheras. Banni takes pheras with Agastya. Yuvan partially comes out. Kabir loses his control and warns Yuvan to not come out. Yuvan pleads with Kabir. Banni thinks it’s your fight Yuvan and you have to come out defeating Kabir. Yuvan comes to Banni and asks her to hold his hand as he needs her support. Another side Kabir asks Tulika to support him by holding his hand.

Banni doesn’t hold his hand and takes the seventh round with Agastya. Yuvan overpowers Kabir. He unties Gadhbandan of Banni and Agastya. He asks Banni to help him. Banni says I can’t help you and if you really love your Banni then defeat Kabir with your all strength for your love and now the decision is yours. She asks him to not talk to her until he defeats Kabir. She asks Pandit to start their 7th phera. Yuvan falls unconscious on the floor. Tulika cries for Kabir. Banni feels worried for Yuvan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni asks Pandit to perform her and Yuvan’s marriage. Agastya says Yuvan cannot marry Banni as he married Tulika last night. He plays a video of it. Banni shatters seeing the video.

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