Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Mamisa cheats Banni for money

Banni Chow Home Delivery 2nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan getting crazy by hearing the sounds of Bhajan. In the fire he sees his mother calling for help and gets fire on his arm. Banni pours water on his arm and extinguishes the fire. Manini signals the Bhajan people to stop. Manini points out to Banni because of her allowing Yuvan to sit in this all of his painful memories have recurred.

I may be step mother but I am Yuvan’s mother and I know what Yuvan needs. Manini says Kalpana make sure this girl never comes again into this house. Devraj and Banni are applying ghee for the burns on Yuvan’s hand. Kalpana and her sister come and say to Devraj that doctor is busy with the operation and he will not come here. Her sister insults Banni as a poor girl. Banni gets angry and throws something ant her. Kalpana and her sister ask what is it.

Banni says it’s cockroach. Kalpana and Sister try to take that with out touching it. They ask Banni for help. Banni gives them a lecture and takes it off. It is shown that it is a date. Banni did it to teach them a lesson. Kalpana tries to teach her a lesson. Banni puts her in a hold and tells her to call Madam. Kalpana as forced to get out of hold calls Banni Madam. Banni leaves the room.

Devraj comes behind her and calls for her. Devraj asks Banni if she can come and feed Yuvan. Banni says she can’t. Devraj says this is the first time in years he asked for food when you fed him. Devraj says the menu in Banni chow’s style. Veer asks if she knew who Devraj is. And tells to Devraj to not put her on his head. Veer says to her to stay in her limits. Banni gets angry and leaves. Veer says he thinks Banni is not right for Yuvan. He find find some one for him.

Banni talks about what happened and how she feels sad for Yuvan and how are the people in Rathor house to Vishnu. Devraj calls Banni to feed Yuvan. Devraj says to Myra when he saw Banni feeding Yuvan he knew then that Banni is the one who can take care and protect Yuvan.

Banni says to Vishnu after her mother died she became Dabaang bur he became mentally ill. You can see how much he loves his mother. Vishnu comments on it. Vishnu sees there are 7 missed calls and gives it to Banni. Banni calls Devraj. Devraj attends and asks their talk has not been completed and asks her again if she will come to feed Yuvan. Banni says no as their does not like her and she doesn’t like them. Devraj says he understands.

Banni sees her mother’s photo and says to send someone who can take care and protect him. As he only needs some love care and affection for him to get better. Veer informs Manini that Devraj still wants Banni here. Manini says that girl is daring. Mamisa scolds her husband. Banni asks what happened. Mamisa tells he wasted Vishnu college fee. Viraj informs Manini that they lost the deal. Manini gets shocked and tells them she will talk with Hemant.

Hemant returns home. He meets his daughters and they tell him about their percentage. Kalpana and her sister ask him about their mother. She comes there and tells them that Doctor advised her to follow the ayurvedic diet. Hemant asks how is Yuvan, does he cause any trouble when I’m not here.

Mamusa says he didn’t think he will lose it. Mamisa asks how their house will run when she is married. Banni says she is already married to the kitchen. She promises to arrange money for Yash’s fee. Mamisa says tomorrow is the final day.

Hemant questions why they didn’t inform him that Yuvan fell unconscious. He wants to go meet him but Viraj tells him Manini wants to neet him. Hemant goes to meet her. Manini makes Hemant agree to threaten the company that didn’t give the deal. Hemant agrees with her. He wants to meet Yuvan but she stops him and thinks she must be his priority.

Neighbor aunty refuses to place Banni milk in her fridge telling her daughter is getting married so she can’t help her. Banni thinks about how to arrange the Vishnu college fee. Mamisa gives her husband share of his money. She says it’s easy to fool her.

The next day, Banni purchases vegetables. The vendor asks her to take his help for the Vishnu fee. Banni tells him she will arrange it till evening and his offered money is not enough. Eve teaser comes there and asks her to learn things from her mom. He asks her to spend 2 nights with him to get a lifetime settlement. Banni gets angry.

Episode ends.

Recap – Yuvan sits on the water tank. He demands to eat with Banni hand. Hemant asks who’s Banni. Devraj requests Banni. Manini tells Hemant about the alliance for Yuvan. She tells Yuvan that tomorrow Pari will come here and she will make you meet your mom if you marry her.

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