Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th July 2022 Written Update: Banni’s Aunt circulates the intimate photo of Yuvan and Banni on the social media

Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Maami telling Maamu that she got a way to get Banni married to Yuvan. Maamisa praises her intelligence. Maamisa posts Banni and Yuvan’s intimate photos in the whole city. She tells her husband that she will use her new sim to circulate that photo on social media. Viraj follows the tempo and gets to know the location of the temple. He informs Manini. Devraj gets shocked seeing the intimate photo of Yuvan and Banni. He thinks what kind of new problem is this.

He calls Banni’s aunt and tells her that he got an intimate photo of Yuvan and Banni from an unknown number. She says they receive photo too and children ruined their reputation with their act. Devraj says it won’t happen. Did you guys reach to temple? She says Viraj entering the temple. Devraj asks them to stop Viraj and tells them he is coming. Maamisa hits Viraj with a stick. He falls unconscious.

The next day morning, Banni is shocked to see Yuvan sleeping with her and slaps him. Yuvan asks what happened. Banni asks where is his shirt. Yuvan says he removes his shirt as it’s wet and I stayed here to wipe your tears and to comfort you when you woke up but you didn’t wake up and I fall asleep. He asks why she woke up with her slap, his grandpa never did it when he sleeps with him. Banni tells him it’s wrong to sleep with a girl. Yuvan apologizes to her. Banni leaves.

Manini asks Veer to leave to the temple as Viraj is not answering the calls. Palak comes there and shows Banni and Yuvan’n viral photo. Anchal and Kalapana say media people are calling them. Hemant asks them to not attend media calls. They receive many calls. Hemant asks them to not answer any calls.

Banni gives food to the tempo driver. She ignores Yuvan and tells him that they have to reach Delhi. Yuvan sees musical instruments and thinks to seek an apology from Banni with his music. Manini says she can’t trust anyone and announces she will go and find her son.

Maami sa calls Devraj to know where he reached. Yuvan plays flute in the mic in front of devotees. Banni gives the last box of tiffin to the tempo driver. She hears music and thinks she has to stop Yuvan before anyone recognizes him and tells his location to Manini.

Devotees love his music. Banni covers her face and goes to bring Yuvan. Devraj reaches temple and asks Maami if they talked to Banni. Banni asks Yuvan to come. Yuvan holds his ears and apologises on the mic that he will never sleep with her again. Banni and others get shocked. Maami thinks she posted photos in their basti too. People discuss Banni is stooped low to increase her business.

People ask if they are married and why they did this kind of act. Yuvan says he promised that he didn’t talk about marriage and they are friends. Banni stops him. Everyone records it on their mobile. Banni says they are misunderstanding but no one believes her. Maami takes Banni aside and tells her that her reputation is ruined by showing the circulated photo.

Episode ends.

Precap – Colony people break Banni things and refuse to allow in their Basti. Devraj tells Banni that this world won’t let you live as the world is seeing your relationship from the wrong angle so marriage is the only way. People break Banni’s mother’s photo and Yuvan saves it hurting his hand.

StarPlus TV new show Banni Chow Home Delivery serial is witnessing some major turning points where Maamisa hatches an evil ploy against Banni.

As reported earlier, Banni shares her past with Yuvan and tells him that she decided to fulfill her mom’s dreams and can’t marry until she gets the right life partner. Yuvan makes her feel better by wearing flowers. Yuvan asks what kind of husband does she want.
Banni says qualities she wants in her husband. Yuvan says they are his qualities but can’t talk with you about marriage according to the promise. Yuvan takes Banni to God and prays to him to give a husband like him to Banni but don’t make him mad like me. Banni gets into tears.

Manini recalls her inner self warning. Banni sleeps in tears. Yuvan recalls Banni words about Tej. He drinks water from a jug. His shirt gets wet because of water. He removes it. Yuvan thinks he won’t let Banni cry and goes to Banni’s room. He sits beside her. Banni’s Mamisa and Mamosa reach the temple.
Yuvan sleeps while seeing Banni. Maami and Maamu see Yuvan is shirtless and sleeping with Banni on the bed. They get shocked seeing their position. Maamu says Banni ruined their reputation.
Maami says their work got easy. She takes their photo. She tells her husband that Banni will get more disgrace than her mom and her all ways get closed with her plan.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Banni will wake up the next day. She slaps Yuvan seeing their position Maamisa will paste Banni and Yuvan’s photo on the streets of Jodhpur and circulate it on Social media. Devraj will drop his phone to see the photo.
At temple Yuvan in mike will tell sorry Banni, I won’t sleep with you again. Many devotees will hear his confession in shock. Banni will stand shocked and her face gets revealed when her dupatta flies away. Everyone will record them on their phones.

Will Banni marry Yuvan? How Banni will prove her innocence?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.
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