Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th May 2022 Written Update: Banni crosses paths with Yuvan at the temple

Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Yuvan playing violin in the rain and the servants ask for him to eat something as he has not eaten anything from morning. Yuvan gets angry at them and goes to the table and throws food at them and says he doesn’t eat food like this. The servants get angry and force him and throw him in his room.

The servants think of staying here. His dad is shown to be on the road to return to the house. Mamosa is worried about him whether he has eaten anything or not. Mamosa comes to his house and sees that there is a party going on and Kalpana and her sister saying to Pandit Ji that there is no Pooja today. Mamosa calls Kalpana and asks her is this way you talk to Pandit Ji. Kalpana and her sister ask Mamosa he should arrive tomorrow.

Mamosa asks them what is the party about. They say Malini has got the best women entrepreneur award of the year and on this occasion, there is a party. Mamosa points out today is Mahashivaratri’s Pooja. They say Pooja and party will not happen at the same time right that is the reason Pooja is canceled. Mamosa thinks the Pooja is canceled and it is very important for Pooja to happen.

Banni chow entry comes and she starts throwing tomatoes at a shop. The shop owner asks her what happened. Banni chow shows the Dal and Chawal that is mixed and not up to standard and starts to advertise her business. The shop owner says from now on nothing like this will happen. Banni chow gets on her scooter and goes.

Dheesh and Brinda talk about Malini. Dheesh praises her but Brinda talks about her and says Dheesh and Viraj are blind devotees for her. Dheesh says you are jealous of her and you should be just look at her. Malini is shown to be coming down the stairs. Viraj talks to her and compliments her. Malini says she wish she could also compliment him and says she doesn’t like this shade of blue. Malini asks where is Yuvan. He says Yuvan is upstairs busy with his music and he will bot come down. Malini says there are a lot of guests and make sure he does not come down and humiliate us.

Yuvan is shown to be hearing sound from a conch. The servants ask for him to drink but he doesn’t and says there is sound from everything and says his mother said to him. They still ask him to drink Yuvan gets angry and throws the drink at the servants face. It is shown his shirt gets wet and Chandamama badge falls down. He picks it up and remembers the memory of his mother in which she is shown to be making a shirt with Chandamama.

She puts it on him and he asks what is Chandamama and asks if it is her brother. She says yes and says if she is not here sometimes she can be with him. He says he will wear Chandamama clothes only. The Chandamama badge falls down and he starts looking for it and takes off his clothes as there is no Chandamama on it. The servant tries to stop him but he doesn’t listen.

Mamosa talks to Malini. Mamosa says they should not forget their roots and ask her if he party cannot be delayed for 1 day. She says no and says she has guests from France who have a flight for tomorrow. Your Pooja can happen any day but my party needs to happen today. Veer asks Mamosa if he congratulated Malini. Mamosa says something. Dheesh tries to talk to him. Malini stops him and says we know that Mamosa is retired and is not handling business and is useless but we cannot talk to him this way. Malini calls Palak and Maira to introduce them.

Malini introduce them and says people in the party are scared and respect me and you guys need to achieve it. They agree. Yuvan enters the party without a dress saying he wants Chandamama. Everyone captures his photos. He gets worried about seeing Malini. The worker covers him with a towel. Yuvan sees his Dadu and hugs him in fear. Dadu says no one cares for Yuvan and everyone changes like Malini. Brinda, Palak, and Maira tell him how they are trying to make Yuvan better. Maira makes Dadu taste Banni food. He likes the taste.

Malini says I want to be in the headlines but Yuvan spooked it. Viraj asks her to join him in a mental hospital. Malini tells she can’t join him in a mental hospital until her wish gets fulfilled. She warns him that she won’t forgive her if he repeats his mistakes. Viraj beats Yuvaan badly. Malini enjoys it. Viraj warns him to not inform Dadu sa that he beat him. Yuvan agrees and cries for help.

Banni grinds flour. Vishnu asks why can’t she take it to the mill. Banni tells him how she wants to buy a fridge and other things first. Mami scolds her for her behavior with ration people and compares her with her Mom. Banni says people are wrong not my mom. She goes to deliver food to poor people. Banni prays Shiv Ji for her 150th customer.

Yuvan comes there with Dadu. He collects Banni advertisement papers and gives her. Dadu sees that ad paper and asks Banni to deliver the food for them. Banni asks Yuvan to taste her rasgulla. Yuvan throws it. Dadu asks her to not misunderstand him and tells her that Yuvaan’s mental health is not good.

Banni tells she will make him eat another sweet. Yuvan runs from her. She chases him. He recalls how his mother used to feed him by chasing him. Banni catches him. He denies eating then she feeds him kheer forcefully. Dadu feels happy seeing it. One person tells Dadu that only 3 people can feed with right i.e wife, and mother then Banni.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dadu asks Banni to get them food regularly. Viraj hits Banni’s bike and offers her money. Banni slaps him fir his behavior. Banni feeds food to Yuvan. Malini instructs everyone to not let Yuvan enter downstairs. Banni makes Yuvan sit in the pooja. Malini asks Banni to leave their place taking money.