Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th November 2022 Written Update: Banni challenges Yuvan

Banni Chow Home Delivery 30th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni questioning Yuvan about how can he decides to go far from her when she is fighting for him. Yuvan says it’s needed for her and everyone’s safety. Banni requests Yuvan to give her some time to settle everything. Devraj and Hemant support Yuvan’s decision. Devraj says let Yuvan leave. Veer says it’s Yuvan’s decision and no one pressurized him. Banni says she won’t allow Yuvan to leave. Banni fights with everyone for Yuvan.

Kabir/Yuvan sees Tulika is set to leave. Kabir appears and he asks Tulika where is she going leaving her Kabir. Hemant asks Banni to tell him whose decision was right and you will be responsible for whatever Kabir does now. Banni says Kabir can’t come out and it’s my Yuvan. Kabir asks Tulika to keep Banni away from him as he hates her. Banni says you’re my Yuvan. She asks him to come inside. He warns her to not touch him. Banni realises he is acting. Banni challenges Kabir/Yuvan to attack her with a glass vase. Family members ask Kabir to not do it. Yuvan breaks the vase.

Banni says I know Yuvan you can’t hurt me and you can fool everyone else but not me and I know you’re Yuvan. It’s shown how Yuvan sees Tulika and decides to become wrong by acting like Kabir using contact lenses. Yuvan collapses in front of Banni and tells her that he is mentally ill and is not fit to stay with them. Yuvan says Agastya is correct and I don’t deserve you and you deserve a better life partner so please allow me to leave. Banni says his actions broke her heart and tells him that he is everything to her and she is nothing without him.

Banni says I was fighting for Kabir with a hope that my Yuvan will be back but today you broke my heart and how can you forget that you’re my world and I’m fighting with the world for you. Banni says he is not my Yuvan. She goes to his room and packs his luggage. Yuvan goes to her and requests her to forgive him. He promises her that he will never leave her hand in life. They hug each other happily. Banni says you will be cured soon and very soon the truth about the incident on Shivratri during your childhood will be revealed. She says whoever is responsible for it will be revealed and I’m not alone in this fight and we will fight and win. Yuvan agrees. A masked person witnesses it through the window.

At the hospital, Tulika and Sanjay arrange Yuvan. Tulika tells Banni that Yuvan is in hypnosis right now and we will question him a few questions so that he can remember the trauma from his part. Sanjay says they can control Yuvan’s nervousness too. Tulika questions Yuvan who was near to him in childhood. Yuvan says mom. Tulika asks Banno to try. Banni asks him what happened during Shivratri. Yuvan says we went to the temple and I was playing with Bunty. A masked person comes there. Yuvan says mom was talking to pandit then we did Abhishek. Banni and Sanjay ask what happened next. Yuvan says he went to get water for Bunty but Bunty and his mom was missing when he returns with water. Yuvan says mom got a call and she went behind the temple to meet someone. Banni asks him to tell what happened and who called Vandana.

Episode ends.

Precap – Yuvan and Banni will go to the temple and ask Pandit if they have any photos related to past Mahashivratri. Pandit tells Banni and Yuvan that they can check the Shiv Ratri celebration photos in the album. Banni and Yuvan see photos in hope that they get a clue about the culprit. Some burqa person uses a Smoke bomb and escapes taking a photo album from Banni. Banni chases that person and makes him/her falls down by throwing a coconut at that person.

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