Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd November 2022 Written Update: Agastya locks up Banni in a room

Banni Chow Home Delivery 3rd November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni and Agastya meeting Doctor Sanjay. Sanjay reveals to them that Yuvan is suffering from a split personality. Sanjay says Everyone mistreated Yuvan, this is what give birth to Kabir, Yuvan’s subconscious mind created a violent Kabir who wants to create a new life for himself in which he is strong. Sanjay says Yuvan doesn’t know about his other personality but Kabir knows everything about Yuvan. Banni gets shocked. Sanjay says Yuvan doesn’t remember what Kabir has done, that day I witnessed Yuvan’s other personality that’s why I called Banni to the hospital but Kabir warned me to sign not to reveal his identity to anyone and injured me.

Kabir reaches home. He throws papers at Viraj and asks him to sign the document. He says it’s written in the document that you’re giving me the power of attorney that Manini gave you. Everyone gets shocked. Kabir says he wants all the property and asks him to sign it. Viraj and Veer say Yuvan’s real identity is coming out. Hemant says Yuvan’s demand is correct as Viraj may be wrong to our business to support Manini. Viraj says they can’t doubt his loyalty. Kabir says you supported Manini in her crimes, you’re a snake and may harm us, my father fell for Manini’s charm and without a second thought, he willed 50% of the property on Manini’s name.

Hemant asks what insolence is this? Kabir asks did I say something wrong? He says he is asking for his rights and warns Viraj to sign the document. Veer says he may be made you like girl Viraj. Kabir agrees that he did it and reveals to everyone that he slapped Veer too. Devraj asks how can she talk to his uncle in this way. Yuvan tells Veer that he felt happy seeing him in pain. Kabir asks him to sign the papers before he finishes his breakfast. Viraj denies signing the papers.

Kabir asks family members to make Viraj agree to sign the documents before he finishes breakfast otherwise they have to bear the worst consequences. Devraj tries to make Yuvan understand that he is behaving like Manini. Kabir says he is not, Manini wants to have property that is not hers, and here I’m fighting for my right.

Banni asks how to cure Yuvan. Sanjay says they need to be careful while doing it as treating Yuvan means killing Kabir. Banni says she won’t let Kabir hurt her Yuvan. Kabir finishes his breakfast. He notices Viraj didn’t sign the paper. He tells them they are going to be responsible for his next action. Kabir leaves. Devraj tries to go behind him but Viraj stops him.

Banni says she needs to go to Yuvan. Agastya reminds Banni that she is going near danger and tells her he won’t allow her to meet Yuvan until he recovers as you’re my responsibility. He locks up the room. Banni requests him to open the door and tells him that she needs to save Yuvan and his family members from Kabir. Agastya asks her to understand that Kabir is dangerous.

Kabir enters Rathore’s house premises in a bulldozer. He is on mike warns family members that he will demolish the house if Viraj doesn’t sign the document. Everyone comes out and gets shocked. Devraj tells Yuvan that it’s their house. Kabir says I know what insults I faced so make Viraj sign the document to save this house.

Devraj asks will you break the house which has your mom’s memories? Kabir smiles and says they can’t trap him with the emotional card. He says the countdown begins. Viraj pleads with him to not demolish the house. Kabir says fine but Viraj has to play one game with me. He holds Viraj’s hand and asks him to free his hand to save Rathore’s mansion otherwise bulldozer is ready. Charmi calls Banni. Agastya notices Charmi is calling Banni.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabir is about to demolish the house with a bulldozer but Banni beats him and makes him fall from the bulldozer.

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