Banni Chow Home Delivery 4th November 2022 Written Update: Banni apologizes to Agastya

Banni Chow Home Delivery 4th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Viraj trying to free his hand from Kabir’s hold. Agastya thinks he doesn’t let Banni talk to anyone from the Rathore family as they are using Banni without knowing that she is near danger. Banni tells Agastya that he can’t lock up her without consent. Agastya tells her he didn’t leave her and she can use her Banniness.

He thinks he loves her and can’t see her hurt. Banni acts like she is hurt. Agastya opens the door and enters inside. Banni escapes from the room and locks Agastya inside. She apologises to him and tells him that she is going to save her love and he may do the same if his love is in danger. She leaves. Agastya thinks he is trying to save his love only.

Charmi requests Yuvan to leave Viraj. Kabir leaves her. Viraj says I may sign the contract if you asked me with love but here you’re threatening me which I hate so I won’t sign the contract and demolish the house after moving the bulldozer from me. Kabir asks Charmi to imagine how she looks in a white saree. Devraj is about to slap Yuvan but he stops him and makes him bless him forcefully.

Kabir says now I will count only 3, it’s better you mend your ways until then otherwise you all will be responsible for this house getting razed down. Kabir starts the bulldozer after counting up to 3. Viraj doesn’t move back and others get worried. Banni punches Kabir and makes him fall from the bulldozer. Kabir gets stunned seeing her. Banni says what happened Kabir Singh Rathod, do you shocked seeing me alive? She says she won’t leave until she teaches Kabir a lesson.

Kabir warns her to not take risks as fate once helped her and she can’t get saved from me again. Devraj confronts Yuvan about how can he try to hurt his love Banni. Kabir says I love Tulika and I’m not Yuvan to listen to you guys, I’m Kabir Singh Rathore. Kabir says Yuvan born insults which I can’t bear that’s why I will create a new world where I can have power and Tulika. Everyone gets shocked. Kabir warns Viraj to sign the document. Banni says no one can take Yuvan’s place and Yuvan will decide what he wants so you can’t demolish the house otherwise I will make you chutney. Kabir says she can’t scare him with her words.

Banni says she knows how to prove, let’s fight and if you win then I will make Viraj sign the contract but if you get defeated then you have to sign the contract and leave the house. Kabir says he doesn’t want to fight with her and asks her to play the game. He signs her to come for a hand game. Banni makes him fall then they run inside and fight with each other. Hemant tries to stop them but they don’t. Kabir strangles Banni’s neck. Banni pushes him then she recalls how she always saved Yuvan and recalls her promises during the marriage. Banni gets strength and goes to Kabir.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni seeks Tulika’s help to treat Yuvan. Tulika asks Kabir to wear the dress she chooses. He wears it. Banni dances around Kabir which reminds him of their moments and he changes into Yuvan. He joins Banni and dances with her.

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