Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th July 2022 Written Update: Yuvan’s sudden change upsets Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 6th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Hemant asking Manini why she called him. Manini says she called him to show the bonding of Yuvan with Niyati and you don’t know how much happy I’m feeling. Hemant goes to Yuvan and feeds him one bite. Charmi tells Viraj that their plan worked.

Banni thinks how is he eating this easily? She thinks it’s good and leaves from there taking her carriage. Devraj follows Banni. Banni wipes her tears and tells him she feels something is wrong. Devraj says he too felt the same but maybe Niyati thrashed Viraj so he may be seeing protector in Niyati as he sees you. Banni says it might be true. Hemant thanks Niyati and goes to attend the call.

Viraj happily says to Manini that it’s worked and Banni will leave the house before marriage. Manini takes him aside and says talk loudly so that everyone gets to know what we have done to Yuvan. She warns them to not let anyone know what they did to Yuvan. Viraj agrees. Manini asks Niyati to bring Yuvan to sangeet by making me get ready.

Banni sees Niyati is dressing up Yuvan. She thinks her heart he not getting convinced by his change. Yuvan calls Banni and asks how is he looking. Banni sees he is looking good. She notices there is no moon in his shirt. Niyati asks Banni to leave saying they have to practice the dance. Banni is about to leave. Niyati asks him can she wear his mom’s Payal. Yuvan agrees. Banni gets upset with his change. Niyati asks Banni to leave closing the door. Banni leaves in tears closing the door.

Hemant tells Veer that he is so happy as his son ate food bites with his hand. Brinda says it might be because of Banni. Palak and Myra see Yuvan. Myra asks Yuvan about his moon. Yuvan normally says moon. Niyati goes to get the moon. Myra thinks about how he changed. Niyati makes him wear the moon. Devraj tells Banni that their relationship won’t get ended and asks her to take his help when needed. Yuvan and Niyati come downstairs.

Banni tells Yuvan that she is leaving, doesn’t know when can we meet, and tells him that she always prays for his happiness. Yuvan ignores her. Banni feels hurt. Yuvan turns and asks her to come whenever he calls her. Banni agrees. Niyati takes him with her. Banni gets emotional and leaves the Rathod mansion.

Manini thinks that they are giving special tablets to Yuvan to make him calm even though they are not good for his health and that effect will last for another 5 hours She thinks Banni is out and now no one can protect him from my plans.

Manini announces she wants to celebrate the happy moment of her son with her dance. Hemant feels happy. Devraj says everything is drama and leaves. Manini dances for Chanda hai Tu. She notices the tablet effect is reducing. Viraj changes the song and dims the light. Yuvan cries and he shouts that he is feeling dizzy in pain. Niyati doesn’t care about him. Yuvan falls unconscious.

Episode ends.

Recap – Niyati gives juice to Yuvan. Yuvan says he doesn’t want anything from Bad fairy, go away from here. He asks for Banni. Devraj and Hemant look on. Banni says she won’t hesitate to become Kali if Yuvan is in problem. Vishnu days God can save the people one who messes with you. Banni says I will fight myself for Yuvan then others is nothing.

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