Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th June 2022 Written Update: Banni puts Yuvan to sleep by singing a lullaby

Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni thinking of what Manini thinks of her till now. Banni is in the kitchen. Dadi and Dadu come and greet Banni by putting hand on her shoulder. Banni points a knife at them thinking it is someone else. Banni greets them. Banni says to Dadi and Dadu that she cannot work here anymore as she is not respected here anymore.

Viraj brings the injection and tells Niyati to give it to Yuvan. Niyati points out that Yuvan has not eaten anything. Charmi says he is eating from these 2 days only. Niyati takes the injection and tries to give it to Yuvan.

Devraj says how the people in the house behave with Yuvan to Banni. Banni and Devraj hear Yuvan’s shouts. They go and see that all the servants are holding Yuvan while Niyati is doing an injection. Banni manhandles Viraj and gives the injection to him. Devraj goes to Niyati and asks is this how she treats Yuvan. Niyati says she heard Yuvan will only sleep like this that’s the reason she was going to give the injection. Devraj asks you have experience handling people like Yuvan. Banni tells the servant to bring the thali.

Banni says to Yuvan that she will not go anywhere and she swears on food and says from now on they are friends and feed sweets to each other. Manini says these Banni is doing drama so let her do and let’s concentrate on our tomorrow’s meeting without wasting our time. Everyone looks on. Banni tells Yuvan that he finished the food. Yuvan tells his plan to wish everyone in the Sri ram Nanami. Banni asks him won’t he feels hurt by his family members’ behavior.

Yuvan says I love them so much and one day they will change with my love. Banni says hope it happens. He asks her to sing him Lohri. Banni says you know music well so you sing and why you like music so much. Yuvan says Mom asked me to search everything in music that’s why Sa re ga pa. Banni asks where Ma went. Yuvan says Mom is gone in tears. He goes to hear his Mom Lohri but walkman doesn’t work. He cries telling it to Banni. Banni tells him she will sing the Lohri.

Manini says it’s needed to remove Banni from this house and Hemant is busy in his deal. Banni sings the Lohri for Yuvan. Everyone hears it. Devraj and his wife feel happy. Manini comes there and asks what’s happening here. Banni says she doing her work. Brinda appreciates her song. Banni thanks her. Manini says you have to have after feeling food then why you’re making him sleep? To trap him.

Banni says you forgot your duties that’s why I’m making him sleep so stop pointing me. Palak and Kalpana ask how dare she to point Manini. Banni warms them to not come in between their talks. Manini says first you came here to deliver food then you came to home to feed him and now you enter his bedroom to make him sleep and after this what is your plan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Manini asks Niyati to impress Devraj on sriravama Navami as Banni won’t come here today. Yuvan pours water on Niyati. Viraj sends her to change her dress then he and Charmi plan to make Yuvan a lady.

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