Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th November 2022 Written Update: Rathore family doubts Tulika

Banni Chow Home Delivery 7th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Devraj telling Pandit that he feels Yuvan is possessed and asks him for a solution. Hemant asks him to not behave like an illiterate person even after knowing he is suffering from a split personality. Devraj asks him to tell him how can color of Yuvan is changing, secondly, Yuvan uses his right hand and Kabir uses his left hand, how can that happen? Hemant says I talked to Doctor as I got similar doubts and in split personality, it happens and there are many cases and examples in the world where many personalities have creates in one person. Devraj looks on.

At home, Banni applies lep to her feet. Devraj returns home and asks her what happened. Banni says it’s just a small wound nothing in front of my love. Kabir applies cream to Tulika and asks if it’s burning. Tulika says she is fine and tells him he is hurt more than her and applies cream to his burned hands. Devraj sees them and returns to Banni. He feels bad for Banni. Tulika thanks Kabir and tells him he will take a rest for some time.

Kabir agrees. He notices himself in the mirror and gets flashes. He asks Tulika did Banni tell you to make me wear these clothes? Tulika gets shocked. Devraj tells Banni that she can’t trust Tulika completely. Banni asks why. Devraj says he saw feelings for Kabir in her eyes. Banni says don’t worry, Tulika is just helping us. Tulika asks from where Banni came. Kabir says it’s Yuvan’s style, he asks where he disappeared in the middle? He says I knew that Banni is forcing you to stay away from me.

Tulika holds his hand and asks him to trust her and tells him that Banni is not involved in it. She shows him the receipt and tells him that she bought it and everyone was lighting Diya so I thought of telling you to perform the puja, in that pretest even I will get a chance to be happy with you. Kabir says he will make her celebrate each day of her life. He says let’s go and light diyas. Tulika says she is tired. Kabir asks her to take a rest and tells her he will light diyas for her. He leaves. Tulika thinks Kabir is crazy for her.

Devraj says to Banni he still can’t trust Tulika and there is a chance she wants Kabir. Veer says true, Tulika may get everything if she has Kabir. Banni says his assumption about Tulika is wrong. Veer asks Charmi to get papers. He shows them Kabir bought huge land to build a hospital for Tulika. Banni goes with papers. She confronts Tulika and asks if she is taking advantage of their condition. Tulika asks her to stop accusing her, you came for my help and I came here to save your husband but you’re blaming me.

She packs her luggage and is about to leave asking her to never show her face. Tulika notices family members. Banni says I told you I can be never wrong in identifying the person and Tulika is not wrong. Banni says sorry Tulika, my family doubted you that’s why I did this to prove to them that they are wrong. Veer leaves. Devraj asks Tulika to forgive them. Tulika says Yuvan is lucky to get this kind of loving family.

Banni prays Shiv Ji to cure her Yuvan soon. Tulika says to Banni that her love will cure him. Banni says she trusts it as she saw a glimpse of change in him. She gets tears. Tulika asks her to trust her love. Banni and Tulika pray to God. Yuvan comes downstairs and wishes Devraj a good morning and takes his blessings. Banni says Yuvan seeing his smile. Yuvan says yes, your Yuvan. He says he came out because of her, your love brought me back from the darkness. He says you always supported me and in this time you gave me a new life. Everyone feels happy. Yuvan gives a bridal dress and jewellery to Banni for marriage. Tulika gets hurt. Yuvan says he is going to get married. He asks Banni to give the bridal dress to Tulika. Everyone gets shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kabir will get on his knees and shows a ring to Tulika and says to Tulika that he loves her and asks her to marry him. Banni comes on her vehicle and asks Kabir if he is going to marry in jail. Banni puts handcuffs on Kabir and shows Kabir the video and photos of Yuvan and Banni getting married and says Yuvan is already married to Banni.

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