Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th November 2022 Written Update: Agastya warns Banni

Banni Chow Home Delivery 8th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir announcing he is going to marry Tulika. He removes his contact lenses. Everyone gets shocked. Kabir mocks Banni saying you thought your love will bring out Yuvan but the fact is coward and weak Yuvan can’t defeat Kabir and only Kabir will survive. He asks everyone to give bless him and Tulika. Everyone gets shocked. Banni gets into tears. Labor asks Banni to give the bridal dress to Tulika so she can u understand that Yuvan can never come out with her trials.

Kabir asks why they want Yuvan when he is smart. Devraj confronts Kabir about why he is hurting everyone. Kabir says I know you’re thinking about Banni, don’t worry I will give her catering service for my marriage. He tells Tulika that Banni’s menu is good and she can order if she wants something special on the menu too. Tulika asks him to stop it and questions what is he doing. Banni stops Tulika and hands over a bridal dress to Tulika and signs her and leaves from there. Everyone feels worried for Banni.

Kabir says to Tulika that Banni’s problem is cleared. Tulika thinks about what’s running in Banni’s mind. Viraj tells Yuvan that he is doing wrong by betraying Banni. Kabir says he is not Yuvan and not betraying anyone as Tulika only my love. He asks Tulika to get ready.

Later Banni gets ready like a bride. Kabir gets on his knees and shows a ring to Tulika and says to Tulika that he loves her and asks her to marry him. Tulika thinks about how to refuse him when he has all qualities she wants in her husband. Kabir asks her to answer him.

Tulika turns and recalls Banni and thinks to control her feelings for Banni. Kabir demands an answer. That time Banni comes there in her vehicle with a swag and asks Kabir if he is going to marry in jail. Banni puts handcuffs on Kabir and tells him that his marriage with Tulika won’t happen as Yuvan is married to her and Yuvan is real and Kabir is fake and doesn’t have any identity and Banni won’t divorce Yuvan. Tulika says Banni is correct. Family members feel happy. Banni shows Kabir the video and photos of Yuvan and Banni getting married.

Banni tries to make him recall how he makes her wear his sherwani when her blouse button is removed. She asks if he remembers. He gets flashes. Kabir warns Yuvan to not come out. Banni thinks it’s affecting him so Yuvan can come out, she asks Yuvan to remember how they took nuptial rounds with promises. She asks him to recall how much they are happy. Yuvan is about to come out. Kabir struggles to stop Yuvan, he runs from there and locks himself in a room and he stands him under the shower. Banni from outside says Vanni has never learned defeat so she will fight for her Yuvan.

Later Agastya comes to meet Banni and he notices she is lost. He calls her. She tells him you came at the correct time. She asks him to taste tea and Kachoris. Agastya asks her to stop acting like everything is fine as I know nothing is fine and Tulika told me whatever happened here. He asks where is Banni who had wisdom and self-respect? Perhaps You’re forgetting that this is not Yuvan, Kabir is dangerous and he tried to kill you once and he is unpredictable. He asks what will she gain by risking her life. Banni says I will get my Yuvan.

Episode ends.

Precap – Banni opens the washroom and notices Yuvan/Kabir is taking bath. She turns her face. Kabir says why are you feeling shy, you’re my wife and I have a right over you, why you go away. He forwards his hand. Banni pulls him out of the bathtub. Later, Banni ties him to bed with ropes and tries to feed him food.

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