Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th November 2022 Written Update: Agastya accuses Devraj

Banni Chow Home Delivery 9th November 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Banni saying to Agastya that I know Kabir is dangerous but he is an illusion form of Yuvan and the true form of Yuvan loves me. Banni says If Tulika told you everything then she may be told you how Yuvan fought Kabir for my love and he even comes out. Banni says Kabir will get defeated as I trust my love and Banni’s Yuvan going to win one day. Veer tries to provoke Viraj against Yuvan.

Veer says their company will be shut down if he supports Yuvan/Kabir and he says they need to join Yuvan in a mental hospital as he is dangerous to everyone. Agastya says to Banni that she is blind in love. Banni says she can see and feel the hope. Agastya says I can’t see you risking your life as I care for you. Banni holds his hand and asks him to support her in her tough times understanding her feelings. She seeks his help to change Kabir to Yuvan. Agastya is about to hold her hand. She leaves his hand and wipes her tears. Agastya thinks it’s not your test alone Banni but mine as well.

Viraj warns Veer to not talk in that way and Banni is trying to cure Yuvan. Veer says Banni is not doing anything and think that happens if Kabir marries Tulika. Veer receives the call and in the call, he tells them that he is coming to the meeting. He asks Viraj to think about their profit and leaves. An unknown man passes information to an unknown woman that Kabir proposed to Tulika and it’s good for us if he stays away from Banni.

Kabir drinks juice in the bathtub. He recalls everything and decides to show Banni that he can win over her. Banni opens the washroom and notices Yuvan/Kabir is taking bath. She turns her face. Kabir says why are you feeling shy, you’re my wife and I have a right on you, why did you go away. He forwards his hand saying come. Banni pulls him out of the bathtub. She says Yuvan has right on me but you’re Kabir so stay away from me and she says food is ready so come to eat. Kabir says he didn’t eat the food prepared by her and asks her to send Sankar to know his menu. Banni says she is the one who rules the kitchen.

Agastya goes to Devraj’s room. Agastya accuses Devraj of spoiling Banni’s life by getting her married to Yuvan bribing her aunt and uncle. He says Vishnu told me everything about how you guys spoiled her name. Devraj says he is not behind that video. Agastya says earlier Yuvan used to spoil Banni’s life now Kabir. Banni says she is the one who cooks in the house. Kabir declares he stays hungry but won’t have the food prepared by her. Banni feels sad. She says she waits for him preparing his favorite kheer as food is the one who united them and now their bond is getting stronger and won’t get broken easily and she leaves asking him to come downstairs. Yuvan tries to come out for Banni but Kabir controls him.

Agastya asks Devraj would you get your granddaughter married to a guy like Yuvan? He asks who gave him the right to play with Banni’s life. He says no one cares for Banni here and she is trapped with selfish people. He says if I’d get Banni kind of life partner then I’d treated her like a princess. He says Yuvan doesn’t deserve Banni and Banni deserves a caring and loving person like me. Devraj gets shocked.

Kabir decides to stay away from Banni as her love may make Yuvan come out. At the dining table, Banni waits for Yuvan without eating food. Devraj comes there. She tells him she is not hungry. He feeds her one bite. Banni says Yuvan is hungry so I don’t want to eat. Devraj recalls Agastya’s words and asks Banni to eat. Banni says she will see how Yuvan won’t eat. She says our relationship began with food and now it’s food that will bring Yuvan out of it.

The next morning Kabir notices he is tied to the bed. He asks Banni to release her. She forcefully feeds him Kheer. He recalls their first meeting in the Temple.

Episode ends.

Recap – Kabir informs Banni that her marriage with Yuvan is illegal as per law a marriage with a mentally unstable person can be declared void at any time which means the marriage can be ended at any time. Everyone gets shocked. Kabir tears wedding photos and announces it’s illegal and the marriage doesn’t exist. Banni looks on.

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