Banni Chow Home Delivery: Kabir to propose Tulika for marriage

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Star Plus TV new show Banni Chow Home Delivery serial is witnessing some major turning points where Kabir saves Tulika.

As reported earlier, Devraj brings Banni home. Hemant accepts Banni as Yuvan’s wife and apologises to her for his behavior. Banni assures family members that they can get back their Yuvan. That time Yuvan/Kabir return home with Tulika. Kabir asks Tulika to come with him. Tulika says I’m not your wife.

Kabir angrily drops bags. Tulika says I told you that I need time to understand you so let me stay in the guest room. Kabir agrees. Banni takes Tulika to the guest room. They devise a plan. Veer tries to provoke Viraj against Yuvan but he fails. The next day, Tulika goes to Kabir and asks him to wear the sherwani she bought for Kuldevi pooja.

Banni observes from the window and thinks Yuvan wore it on Ramnavami and it’s special as we danced together for the first time on that occasion. Kabir goes to change. Tulika goes out to meet Banni. Banni thanks Tulika for help. Kabir comes downstairs wearing Sherwani and calls Tulika.

Banni closes the doors. She plays music and dances around him as she danced in the past. Yuvan comes out and dances with Banni but Kabir overpowers Yuvan and throws her. Banni doesn’t leave her trail and dances on broken gungroos. Yuvan comes out and says Banni. Banni feels happy.

Some unknown person places Diya near Tulika’s dupatta. Tulika’s dress catches fire. Yuvan plays violin and Banni dances for the song. Banni and Yuvan see Tulika’s dress catch fire. Yuvan changes into Kabir seeing Tulika in danger. Kabir stops the fire with his bare hands. Tulika asks Kabir to stop doing it saying his hands will get burnt.

After Kabir stops the fire. Kabir says to Tulika this fire took away my mother from me and I can’t allow it to take you away from me. Kabir hugs Tulika.

In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Kabir will get on his knees and shows a ring to Tulika and says to Tulika that he loves her and asks her to marry him. Banni comes on her vehicle and asks Kabir if he is going to marry in jail.

Banni puts handcuffs on Kabir and shows Kabir the video and photos of Yuvan and Banni getting married and says Yuvan is already married to Banni.

Can Banni be able to cure Yuvan? What’s Kabir’s answer to Banni?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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