Banni Chow Home Delivery: Yuvan demands to eat with Banni’s hand?

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StarPlus TV new show Banni Chow Home Delivery serial is witnessing some major turning points where Mamisa cheats Banni for money.
As reported earlier Yuvan gets crazy by hearing the sounds of Bhajan. In the fire he sees his mother calling for help and gets fire on his arm. Banni helps him. Manini asks Kalpana to make sure this girl never comes again into this house. Kalpana and her sister mock Banni. She teaches them lesson. Devraj asks Banni if she can come and feed Yuvan. Banni says she can’t. Later Banni shares Yuvan’s condition with Vishnu. Vishnu sees there are 7 missed calls and gives it to Banni. Banni calls Devraj.

Devraj attends and asks if their talk has not been completed and asks her again if she will come to feed Yuvan. Banni says no. Mamisa scolds her husband and tells Banni that he wasted Vishnu’s college fee on gambling. Banni tells them she arrange his college fee. Mamisa and Mamusa divide their share of the money by fooling Banni.

Hemant returns home with his mom. Manini doesn’t let him meet his son. The next day, Banni purchases vegetables and eve teaser asks her to spend 2 nights with him to get a lifetime settlement. Banni gets angry.
In the upcoming episode, viewers going to witness Yuvan will sit on the water tank and demanding to eat with Banni hand. Hemant will ask who’s Banni.

Devraj will request Banni by explaining to her about Yuvan’s condition. Manini will tell Hemant about the alliance for Yuvan. She will tell Yuvan that tomorrow Pari will come here and she will make you meet your mom if you marry her. Manini will think her dream is going to be true with this move.

Can Banni arrange money for Yash’s college fee? Will Banni agree to Devraj request?
All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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