Barrister Babu 10th November 2020 Written Update: Villagers apologize to Trilochan, Anirudh and Bondita

Barrister Babu 10th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anirudh assuring Bondita that he trusts that she always says the trust but there was so much plotting going on that he couldn’t tell her the truth. He apologizes for hurting her but he had to do that to bring out the real faces of people. Bondita cries and recalls how Anirudh saved her from Heera Mandi.

Saudamini asks Anirudh if he really played game with his childhood friend and all his love and promise to take her to London was a lie. Anirudh asks her to question to herself before questioning her. He points out all her mistakes. He says that he feels angry on himself for having any kind of relationship with a person like her. He adds that she could have felt ashamed for the sake of humanity at least but she even pushed Trilochan and made him fall to hide her truth. Binoy understands that Saudamini intentionally made Trilochan slip. Anirudh blames Saudamini for not even thinking that Trilochan could have died just to hide her truth. He asks how she can be stone hearted and reminds her how Bondita loved her and used to call her “Pari didi” but she left her in Heera Mandi to die.

Saudamini defends herself saying that she loves him and what’s wrong if she did this to get close to him again since he distanced himself from her after marrying Bondita. Trilochan gets furious and slaps her saying that it isn’t love but craziness. He says that this slap was for ruining the respect of their house and bringing tears on Bondita’s face. He slaps her again and says that this is for trying to separate Bondita and Anirudh, the Siya and Ram of their house. He says that he doesn’t rise his hand on a woman but he isn’t worthy of being called woman.

Villagers understand that Bondita wasn’t wrong and Saudamini trapped her. They join their hands and bow their heads apologizing to Roy Chaudhary family.
Saudamini grabs a vase and is about to hit Bondita with it but Anirudh holds it from behind and snatches it. Trilochan yells at Saudamini and orders her to get out of their house. He doesn’t want her to show up her face ever again and cuts all the ties with her. He says that she has died for them and whole Tulsipur. Trilochan grabs her rod and says that since she has none now, this rod will support her and it might show her the right path.

Saudamini asks Binoy to stop Trilochan and say that he has talked enough but Binoy says that he won’t hear a word against Trilochan. Saudamini reminds him that he wanted her to become the daughter in law of the house. Binoy affirms that he doesn’t want to have any kind of relationship with the person who plotted to kill his brother and repeats her not to step at their doorstep ever again. Trilochan shouts at Saudamini to leave.

Saudamini says that she is going but while going she will say that also Binoy needs a rod and must walk on right path. She throws the rod which breaks and swears to break their house and reputation like this. She promises not to let any happiness enter in the house. She turns to Bondita and swears to snatch all her happiness and make her life worse than hell. Anirudh stands with Bondita and says that she won’t be able to do anything since he is with Bondita. Saudamini looks at everyone and then leaves from there angrily.

Meanwhile, Saurabh notices that Sampoorna is sad and asks what he can do to bring her happiness back. Sampoorna asks to fulfil two wishes of hers. Saurabh asks which. Sampoorna asks to make her meet Bondita and clear villagers’ misunderstandings. Saurabh behaves like a nawab and makes her laugh. He hugs her and assures that everything will get fine.

On the other hand, Anirudh talks to villagers and says that Roy Chaudhary family has always been with them and Trilochan will always think about their wellness. They all apologize to Trilochan who forgives them. Villagers hail them and then leave
After everyone has gone, Bondita pouts.

Anirudh asks why she is upset now. She replies that Trilochan was fine but he didn’t tell her anything and she used to cry so much, even get angry on Durga Maa who must be thinking that she gets angry without any reason. Trilochan says that she has shown lots of concern for him and he was liking that care so he didn’t tell her. Bondita pouts and asks if he used to think that she used to listen to him because she was scared of him. Trilochan says that he knows she used to listen to him because she considers him her own.

Trilochan teases Bihari. Bondita says that now everything is fine and tells Anirudh that she isn’t angry with him anymore too. Anirudh thanks her. She laughs.
Episode ends

Precap: Anirudh says that Bondita will start studying. Binoy tells Bondita that her studies means nothing because she is a girl.

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