Barrister Babu 12th June 2021 Written Update: Trilochan apologises to Kalindi

Barrister Babu 12th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Anirudh asking Trilochan why he didn’t apologise to Kalindi. Trilochan says he fulfilled a son’s duty. Anirudh says but if he supports the right thing his image won’t get ruined. Trilochan adamantly says he won’t say sorry to Kalindi.

Bondita cries hugging Thakuma. Thakuma’s alter ego appears and says she should use Bondita as her weapon to take revenge from Roychowdhury. Anirudh cares for Bondita and Kalindi can use that to fulfil her own motives. Kalindi thinks she should do something to separate Bondita and Anirudh forever.

Anirudh says what kind of sick mentality is this. Trilochan can’t justify his actions by calling it a fake norm of society. A real man won’t support wrong things. Anirudh lashes out at Trilochan and says he must be in guilt thays why he didn’t get married after rejecting Thakuma. Trilochan says he didn’t marry only to take care of the children of the house. Anirudh takes the sword and says he will go to Thakuma’s house and will get punished for deceiving her being Rupa. Apology doesn’t make someone weak. Trilochan slaps Anirudh and says he loves him the most and for Anirudh’s sake he will apologise to Kalindi. Anirudh and Trilochan hug each other and get emotional.

Bondita wakes Thakuma up. Bondita says she finished all the household chores and Kalindi should take rest now. Soumik comes and says he won’t go to Kolkata leaving Thakuma in this condition. Thakuma says she is fine and he doesn’t need to worry. Bondita says she will take care of Thakuma. Soumik leaves. Kalindi thinks she won’t take rest until she takes the revenge. She gets happy thinking she controlled Bondita after telling her emotional story. Now she will continue this emotional drama.

Tapur tells Bondita to not handle household chores. Bondita says she won’t fulfil her dreams until Trilochan apologises to Thakuma. Anirudh tells Kalindi that Trilochan will say sorry to her. Trilochan apologises with folded hands saying he failed to fulfil his duty towards her, Anirudh thinks Bondita will get happy to see Trilochan changed his mind and now Trilochan and Kalindi will forget their differences. Kalindi says she also plead before him during marriage but he didn’t listen to her. So now Trilochan should also get on one knee and apologise to her. Anirudh objects but Trilochan says he is okay with it as he hurt Kalindi really and he wants to end this fight. Trilochan reveals why Kalindi had to sell half portion of the mansion. He is responsible for it. He returns the half mansion to her saying he is not buying her apology but its his genuine step. He is about to touch Kalindi’s foot but she stops him saying this isnt enough, she got humiliated in front of hundred guests, so Trilochan will follow the same process, he will come with Band Baja to admit his crime. He will plead before her in front of everyone saying he is responsible for her ruined life. Then only she will accept his apology. Trilochan and Anirudh stand shocked. Bondita hopes everything will be fine as Anirudh promised her.

Episode ends.

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