Barrister Babu 14th April 2021 Written Update: Bondita provokes Trilochan against Manorama

Barrister Babu 14th April 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Anirudh praising the jacket’s design. Manorama gets scared and thinks what if Anirudh pulls the latkan and blast happens. Anirudh says why the jacket feels heavy. Anirudh grows suspicious and asks Manorama is she planning to do something secretive like Bondita. Why needle and thread are here. Manorama says nothing like that. Anirudh knows about her mission already. She is not hiding anything. Anirudh says he respects her job, Manorama also praises Anirudh for supporting Bondita. Anirudh then tells Manorama that the interviewer will come again to take interview of Bondita. Manorama gets happy. Anirudh says Bondita has to go to boarding school after the interview is over. Manorama says Bondita should stay for some time more. Anirudh says no because if she stays longer she will get to know about his fake marriage with Manorama. Manorama says to Anirudh will he miss Bondita? Anirudh says he will be alone after Bondita’s exit. As he shared happiness and sorrow with Bondita. Bondita has become vital part of his life. She changed him. Anirudh says tomorrow is last day for Manorama as well. Manorama says she will complete her mission tomorrow finally.

Bondita goes to Manorama’s room to exchange the jacket. Manorama enters and Bondita hides immediately. Koyeli lies to Manorama saying queen Baibhavi called her. Manorama goes to receive her call. Vihari talks over phone and diverts Manorama’s mind saying Queen left after waiting for Manorama. Koyeli signals Bondita and Bondita finds the jacket but finds it difficult to get it down. Vihari makes mistake and gets caught by Manorama. Manorama instantly leaves to check the jacket. Koyeli again signals Bondita and Bondita hides. Manorama understands that its all Bondita’s planning. She told Vihari to do the prank. Manorama says she needs to be very careful. Bondita finds another way to change the jacket.

Bondita gets into deep thought and starts cooking. Trilochan smells the food and says he is excited to see what Bondita is making. Bondita gets one idea and praises Trilochan. She says everyone respects him. Trilochan gets shy. Bondita says but Trilochan lacks the talent to teach anything to his daughter in laws. Bondita provokes Trilochan to control Manorama and she hurts Trilochan’s ego. Bondita shows sacks of rice to Trilochan. Trilochan calls Manorama loudly. Manorama goes to the kitchen. Manorama gets scared that Trilochan might know about her mission. Trilochan tells Manorama to clean the rice. Manorama says she doesn’t know how to do it. Trilochan criticises her. Binoy takes Manorama’s side saying because of Manorama only they got invitation to attend Viceroy welcome ceremony. Manorama was about to leave saying she has to make lot of preparations but Bondita again provokes Trilochan and he gives order to Manorama that she won’t go anywhere without cleaning the rice. Manorama doubts Bondita’s intentions. She starts cleaning the rice. Bondita mixes stones in the rice. Trilochan again tells Manorama strictly to clean it in proper way. Bondita thinks she got enough time to exchange the jacket. Trilochan doest let Manorama go. Manorama thinks Bondita can try to wear the jacket once again. She gets tensed.

Bondita brings down the jacket in Manorama’s room and exchanges it with the duplicate one. Bondita says she will only wear the first jacket Manorama won’t get to know about this.

The rice sack falls on ground and Manorama says she will clean everything. Trilochan becomes angry and tells Koyeli to clean the mess. Manorama goes to her room. Koyeli and Vihari signal Bondita but Bondita herself gets confused seeing two similar jackets. She thinks which one is Anirudh’s gifted jacket.

The Episode ends

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