Barrister Babu 14th July 2021 Written Update: Sampurna makes a shocking revelation to Bondita

Barrister Babu 14th July 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Bondita coming out wearing Anirudh’s clothes. Vihari asks her why she wore this, Anirudh will be very angry. Latter says Anirudh left her in washroom in that condition, she got wet so she wore his clothes. Anirudh didn’t try to help her. Vihari says if Anirudh gets angry noone will be able to control him. So she should change it right now. Vihari misses child Bondita saying only she was able to calm Anirudh down. Anirudh arrives and Bondita hides behind the couch. Anirudh bumps into her and gets shocked. He asks what she is doing in his clothes. Bondita blames him for not helping her out. When she felt embarrassed and he didn’t ask to give her clothes or towel. Anirudh says he can’t argue with Vaijayanthi anymore. He tells her to change. Latter says does he want to say women can’t wear men’s clothes? Anirudh says he never said that and women should wear whatever they want. Bondita feels Anirudh is still the same. Anirudh calls Sampurna to help Bondita.

Anirudh scolds kids for their act. They try to convince Anirudh but in vain. Anirudh says they will get punishment for their prank. They won’t get sweets today as well. Sampurna asks Bondita if she can wear saree. Bondita says she is not pro at it like her sister. Sampurna shows her how to wear it and latter recalls her childhood memories with Sampurna. Sampurna asks her why she irritates Anirudh so much when she is here to study. Bondita replies Anirudh looks sad all the time so she tries to make him smile. Sampurna looks at Binoy’s picture and wipes her tears. Bondita asks why she also doesn’t smile at all. Sampurna leaves without giving answer to her.

Bondita gets inside her room and recalls how she spent a longer period of time here. She wonders why things changed here. One person behind mask attacks Bondita. Latter gets scared and starts running. That person chases her and Anirudh stops him. Anirudh calms him down. He reveals the person’s mask and Bondita gets shocked to see Binoy. Binoy gets afraid and says Bondita will kill him, he should hide. Anirudh says she is Vaijayanthi, not Bondita. Somnath says nothing will be alright. Binoy gets hyper. Somnath holds Bondita responsibile for everything. Anirudh shuts him. Bondita gets heartbroken.

Sampurna tells Bondita that Anirudh went through immense pain. She reveals what Thakuma did to Binoy. FB starts. Anirudh wanted to clear all misunderstandings for the second time. He met Thakuma again after Rimjhim and Soumik died. He told Thakuma that he didn’t hid bomb in gifts, he is not responsible for their death but Thakuma in order to seek revenge sent men to beat Anirudh’s family. Anirudh found Trilochan in injured state and the latter told Anirudh to save Binoy as Thakuma’s men are beating him. Anirudh tried his best to stop Chandrachur and his men but they hit Binoy’s head and he became mentally unstable.

Anirudh and Trilochan get disheartened. Trilochan tells Anirudh that they didnt get anything by apologising. Anirudh decides to avenge Thakuma as she doesn’t understand the language of peace. FB ends. Sampurna says to Bondita, Anirudh consulted with many doctors but they could not cure Binoy. Sampurna says she is getting punished for her wrong deeds. Bondita leaves.

Trilochan apologises to Bondita on behalf of Anirudh. Bondita says he is elder than her and he should bless her instead of apologising. Trilochan praises her nature and tells Anirudh to drop her in station. Anirudh starts driving. Bondita feels she wants to share her feelings with Anirudh. Later Bondita makes him understand that he should talk to Bondita atleast for once to clear all his doubts. He should vent out what he is feeling instead of suppressing it. Anirudh gets irked and tells Bondita to get out of his car. Bondita becomes sad.

Episode ends

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