Barrister Babu 14th June 2021 Written Update: Kalindi’s motive shocks Anirudh

Barrister Babu 14th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Anirudh asking Thakuma why is she doing this to Trilochan? It’s not called apology but a scene. He can’t let that happen. Thakuma says tit for tat. What Trilochan did he will have to pay for it. Why women will face all the criticism of society. Anirudh says he will apologise to her not Trilochan. Kalindi doesnt accept that saying only Trilochan will do it. Anirudh says she is doing it to take revenge only. She is using Bondita for her own motive. Kalindi says Anirudh also did the same by putting forth three conditions. Anirudh says but his intentions were good not like her. Thakuma adamantly says to get Bondita back you have to fulfill my condition. He decides to talk to Bondita thinking she will support him. Kalindi says Bondita is now under her control. She won’t listen to him.

Thakuma starts her emotional drama in front of Bondita saying Trilochan didn’t apologise to her, but he tried to buy her apology by giving back her half portion of the mansion. Bondita finds something wrong and thinks Anirudh can’t break his promise. Kalindi tears the mansion papers and says Roychowdhury can’t buy her apology and can’t insult her like that. Anirudh calls Bondita. Thakuma manipulates Bondita saying Anirudh will try to brainwash her, if he is good at fulfilling his promise then why can’t he convince Trilochan to apologise. Nobody blames a man. Bondita opens the door and before Anirudh could say something she accuses him of breaking his promise. She says nothing is important for her more than Thakuma’s respect. She won’t meet Anirudh until Kalindi gets justice. Bondita closes the door saying she is with Thakuma. Anirudh gets shocked to hear her. Kalindi smirks.

Anirudh thinks even if he is not with Bondita, but they should be each other’s strength, he needs her help. Bondita says right now she will support Thakuma only as its about a woman’s self respect. Bondita goes on terrace to dry the clothes. Anirudh calls her from terrace but she doesn’t pay attention. Anirudh writes a letter and explains what actually happened and what is Kalindi’s real intentions, how she wants to humiliate Trilochan in front of people. Kalindi notices him and gets nervous. Anirudh throws the letter at Bondita and she picks it up but tears it angrily. Anirudh gets shocked and thinks Kalindi brainwashed her for sure.

Tapur requests Bondita to play a game. She agrees. Tapur tricks Bondita to know what’s going on in her mind. Bondita shows her interest in becoming Barrister Babu.

Kalindi says to Anirudh she will get Bondita married again. Bondita will become a homemaker soon not a Barrister. Anirudh has to forget her. Their story is over. Anirudh gets stunned to hear that.

Episode ends

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