Barrister Babu 14th October 2020 Written Update: Anirudh decides to seek Rasiya’s help in finding Bondita

Barrister Babu 14th October 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with temple priest ask the other priest why almond sweet didn’t yet came for Goddess Durga. Priest says because someone purchased 8 pots of almond sweets already. Anirudh over hear the talk and gets happy learning the same. He recalls flashback with Bondita, where she desired to have 8 pots of almond sweets if ever she goes to Kolkata. Anirudh thanks God.

Anirudh goes behind the man who was carrying sweet pots. There, Bondita sees the sweet pots and carves for them. Tara asks Bondita to eat them. Bondita says it’s Navratri and she can’t eat sweet without doing Durga Maa’s puja. Tara stands stunned.

Here, Anirudh reach the place close to diamond market. Bondita asks Tara if she hasn’t have Goddess Durga idol.

Anirudh thinks Bondita is stuck in this place. He decides to look each corner of the place. Tara replies to Bondita each girl out here resembles Goddess Durga. Bondita gets happy. She decides to share the sweets with each girl out there.

Ahead, Bondita distributes sweets among all. Anirudh recalls about Rasiya. He thinks to seek her help in finding Bondita. He enquires about Rasiya from the man. Man tells to Anirudh about Rasiya’s address. Anirudh gives money to the man.

Other side, Bondita sees wound on Suraiya’s head and asks for turmeric. She applies turmeric on Suraiya’s forehead. Suraiya asks Bondita what she gift she wants. Bondita asks her to pray God to make her meet Gandhiji so that she can leave the place soon. Tara asks Bondita to wash hand and have sweets. She further sees, Anirudh and decides to stop him from entering the place.

Bondita carried the turmeric bowl with her and Ramiya tries to block Bondita’s way. The turmeric falls and reach on Anirudh’s wound too. Anirudh sees the flying turmeric and recalls his moments with Bondita. Bondita feels Anirudh’s presence.

Anirudh enters the place. Ramiya tries to block his way. Further, Rasiya pushes Anirudh inside and says to him that the place belongs to her and it is not his palace. Rasiya calls Anirudh double standard. Anirudh tries to tell her about Bondita. But she along with two girls dances around Anirudh.  Bondita hears the song and thinks someone is dancing. She tries to peek but Tara drags her inside. Rasiya asks Anirudh to leave the place.

Here, Tara learns that Bondita’s husband is here. Anirudh asks policemen to help him sneak inside the diamond place. Policemen ask him to come at night. Anirudh says he is taking him wrongly. Tara comes and refuses to let Anirudh enter her house.

Anirudh thinks only Rasiya can help him. He decides to stay near to diamond market. Tara asks Suraiya to close the windows.

There, Sampoorna feels bad for Bondita. Saurabh pacifies her. Episode ends with Anirudh kidnapping Rasiya. He tells her that he doubts Bondita is stuck at diamond market. Anirudh urges Rasiya to help him find her. Rasiya stands speechless.

Precap: Bondita cries learning, Anirudh and Mini’s engagement is done.