Barrister Babu 15th June 2021 Written Update: Anirudh gets shocked to know Bondita agreed for the marriage

Barrister Babu 15th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Kalindi saying she will get Bondita married and she will become someone’s wife. Her relationship with Anirudh will end finally. Anirudh objects saying he won’t let that happen until Bondita fulfils her dream. Anirudh says their story will never end. Bondita won’t support any kind of evil custom. Kalindi laughs.

Tapur says Bondita wants to become Barrister Babu, it’s her happiness so why does she want to forget her dreams. Bondita cries and hugs her. Bondita says if Trilochan refuses to apologise to Kalindi then how will she fulfil her dreams. She just wants them to forget their differences.

Kalindi tells Sumati that she is planning to get Bondita married. Sumati says Bondita won’t agree for this. Kalindi says Bondita should feel lucky that she is getting another chance to live a happy life else society will taunt her all the time. Sumati should not show much concern to her. Bondita comes and Kalindi acts like she is not able to concentrate on making remedies because of her previous insult. Bondita feels sad for her and tells Sumati they should find a solution so that Thakuma comes out of the trauma.

Thakuma smirks thinking she will use her emotional story to get Bondita married. Kalindi says she took responsibility of fixing a marriage date for her friend’s daughter. Ladke wale will come to see her tomorrow. Bondita gets excited and says she will make all the preparations. She asks whether the girl is adult or not. Thakuma lies to her and tells her to write a letter to boy’s family. Thakuma says the girl has a condition that is the groom’s family should respect women. Bondita gets happy and writes the letter happily thinking Thakuma is respecting the girl’s demand. She is unaware of the fact that Thakuma is talking about Bondita’s marriage only. Sumati thinks though Thakuma is choosing wrong way but it is for Bondita’s good future only.

Kalindi shows the letter to Anirudh and taunts him saying Bondita agreed for the marriage after seeing her fake tears. Bondita mentioned about her condition as well. Kalindi invites Anirudh too. Anirudh doesn’t believe that Bondita will support malpractice. Kalindi says then see how Bondita is happily making the preparations. Bondita talks to Tapur and Anirudh asks her why is she doing all these? Before he could talk Bondita recalls Anirudh’s act of supporting Trilochan and she goes inside angrily.

Kalindi laughs and says now Bondita won’t listen to Anirudh. Anirudh tries to make her understand that anger and excess pride always destroy people so she should not hold the grudges. Kalindi says Anirudh can easily stop this drama by fulfiling her condition. Anirudh says he thought Kalindi is not a bad human being but she is really adamant and women like her always demotivate girls and stop their progress. Instead of uplifting women she is supporting evil custom. She herself is enemy of women. Kalindi says she is just helping Bondita to move on. So that Bondita can live a respectful life by getting married again. She tells him to leave.

Bondita asks Kalindi why is she making her wear jewels and why she is getting dressed up. Kalindi makes excuse. Bondita asks where is the girl who will get married. Thakuma says they will come soon. Sumati sees them and thinks what will happen when Bondita will get to know that this marriage proposal is for her only.

Episode ends

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