Barrister Babu 15th May 2021 Written Update : Bondita helps Roychowdhurys to get back the electricity supply

Barrister Babu 15th May 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Anirudh coming downstairs. Kalindi orders Rimjhim to turn on the lights in her mansion. Anirudh looks at her. Bondita asks Kalindi why only Anirudh’s house has no electricity? Kalindi recalls how she told Rimjhim about cutting the electricity supply of Anirudh’s place. She taunts Anirudh though its a patriarchal society but women run the house so they can handle men. Bondita says means you did it? Vihari comes out and tells Anirudh that how will he cook now as electricity is gone. Vihari slips and gets hurt. He screams. Anirudh holds him. Bondita insists to see Vihari but Kalindi stops her.

Vihari tells Anirudh to bring candles from market but Trilochan says I know Kalindi. She bought each and every candle from the market to trouble us. Not a single one is left for us. Anirudh gets shocked. Kalindi is seen lighting the candles. Rimjhim praises her.

Bondita tells Tapur that Roychowdhury family can’t stay without electricity. They are not habituated with all this. Tapur tells Bondita but they have to accept it. It depends on Kalindi’s mood. Bondita starts finding solution. There, Rimjhim manipulates Kalindi saying society people are saying Das family’s status and name are at stake because of Bondita’s presence in the house. Kalindi looks on. Rimjhim says people are saying Bondita is neither married nor her husband left her fully. They can talk ill about Bondita’s character. Kalindi says she knows everything. But she won’t let people ruin Bondita’s life. They won’t make fun of her character.

Bondita asks for help from Tapur. She says the electricity will be back using these elements. Bondita takes rubber shoes, small wood and knife with Tapur. She goes to connect the electric wires and she does it perfectly. Tapur feels scared thinking what Kalindi will say. Trilochan and Vihari get happy seeing the electricity is back. Trilochan says but I can’t understand how Kalindi agreed to call the electrician. Anirudh says the electrician is not here but Bondita has done all these. I taught her about circuits today. She applied it in real life. Anirudh says Kalindi should understand that Bondita is so intelligent and she should continue her studies. Trilochan says Kalindi’s stubbornness is beyond your imagination. She won’t change her mind ever.

Rimjhim informs Kalindi that Roychowdhury house electricity is back. Kalindi wonders how is it possible. Bondita says she connected the wires what Anirudh taught her. Rimjhim gets shocked and says how can you do men’s job? Bondita says only education can clear the differences between men and women. Roychowdhurys are equally important for her. Kalindi gets irked. Rimjhim tells Bondita to apologise to Kalindi but she denies saying she has no fault in it, why will she apologise. Kalindi tells her duvet is torn so does Bondita know sewing and knitting? Bondita says Trilochan taught her. Kalindi tells Rimjhim to bring the duvet and they bump into each other. The needle gets lost. Rimjhim says it was the last needle.

Kalindi gives task to Bondita to find the needle from the rice straws. Rimjhim thinks Kalindi is giving Bondita punishment but Bondita will not get it. Later Kalindi gives ropes to Bondita to tie the straws. FB is shown there Kalindi gets to know from Tapur that Anirudh is teaching through exchanging letters. Kalindi cuts the rope on terrace to teach lesson to Anirudh. Bondita gets shocked seeing the ropes and thinks now how will Anirudh teach her.

Kalindi says Bondita has so much work, she can’t see her Thakuma shivering in cold as Bondita cant see others in trouble so why will she not give relief to her Thakuma. So she will sew the duvet and find the needle. Rimjhim thinks it will take a whole night.

The Episode ends