Barrister Babu 16th November 2020 Written Update: Bhatuk takes Bondita to his schoo

Barrister Babu 16th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Anirudh blaming Binoy for betraying him and Binoy yelling at him. Bhatuk asks how he will study in such an atmosphere. Trilochan gets frustrated too. Everyone argues. Bihari wonders who will bring calm now. Bondita and Koyli walk in the dining area. Since everyone is arguing and making lots of noise, Bondita suddenly covers her ears and say the whole alphabet.

Anirudh is very happy and asks everyone if they heard. He excitedly asks Bondita to repeat it and she does that. Anirudh’s happiness has no limits. Trilochan is impressed as well. Anirudh tells him that Bondita was having difficulties few days ago and now she said it in a breath.

Anirudh rushes outside with Bondita and shares the news with the postman and also with Pandit Ji asking the latter to bless Bondita. He runs out and tells everyone in bazaar that Bondita told the whole alphabet which means that she can read books. He buys paper tongue whistles and asks her to blow on it.

Bondita asks what will people think. Anirudh replies that everyone will understand that she can read and live on her own. They blow on the whistles and celebrate. Saurabh comes and whispers something in Anirudh’s ear. He is shocked.

Anirudh goes to the company that he had got for Heera Mandi girls and see that machines have been broken. Suraya says that none will buy clothes from them and they are willing to leave Tulsipur but Anirudh asks them to make clothes again.

 Ramaya says that villagers will kill them if they go out. Anirudh says that he will sell clothes then and asks them not to worry as he will arrange security. He asks Saurabh to help the girls to make everything fine.

Bondita is waiting for Bhatuk to come back since she wants to ask him lots of things about the school. Bhatuk comes back and she excitedly asks him what he did at school and how people praised his covered notebooks. She says that she will put plates for him after he washes hands. Bhatuk leaves saying that he isn’t hungry. Bondita understands something happened at school and goes to his room.

Bhatuk is lying on bed covering himself with blanket. Bondita warns to tell to Anirudh so Bhatuk gets up and reveals her that he pulled a prank at school with friends but the latter left and he got trapped.

Bondita laughs. Bhatuk says that he has to take someone from family to the school otherwise he will get expelled but everyone will scold him if he reveals. Bondita suggests to go with him to the school since she is elder in relationship as well. Bhatuk likes the idea.

The next morning, Bondita sees Anirudh leaving and asks him where he is going. Anirudh tells her that he is going to the bazaar to sell clothes made by Heera Mandi girls. He shares with her that he is nervous since he is selling something for the first time.

Bondita says that her mother says that anyone has to do something for the first time and in her village, clothes seller used to sell lots of stuff. Anirudh asks how and she tells him how he used to sing to sell. Anirudh says that he will sell clothes like this only.

Trilochan comes and asks Anirudh if he is still thinking about selling clothes after all the drama that happened last day. He asks to send some servant but Anirudh replies that no work is small. He says that he has taken responsibility.

 Trilochan says that the girls can stay in their house lifetime what else can they wish for. Anirudh says that he wants them to stand on their own feet and write their own future so he will go to bazaar and sell the clothes they made.

Before he leaves, Bondita gives him dahi shakkar since it’s auspicious. Bihari agrees. Anirudh has a tablespoon of dahi shakkar and then leaves. Trilochan scolds Bondita because a good wife should stop her husband to do such things. Bondita asks why she should stop when he is just helping her Heera Mandi friends.

Trilochan forbids her to take that name since only bad people live there. Bondita says that Tulsipur is a good place but there are bad people. Before she can add more, Bhatuk comes and whispers something in her ear. She apologizes to Trilochan for leaving the conversation in middle and leaves.

Trilochan agrees that Bondita has a point. He asks Bihari to take care of the foreigner who is coming since they have to convince him to change his decision.

Binoy calls Bihari and gives him the list of food to make for the foreigner. Bondita and Bhatuk overhear their conversation. Bondita is confused hearing the names of food that Binoy has taken and asks him that food that is so difficult to mention, must be difficult to eat too. She suggests to make food that they know how to cook. Binoy says that foreigners cannot be made happy so easily like Anirudh. Bhatuk reminds Bondita that they have to go to meet his principal.

Bondita and Bhatuk reach the latter’s school. Bhatuk recommends Bondita to talk nicely and shows her his school. Bondita removes her sandals and washes her feet before stepping inside the school barefoot. She walks upstairs. Bhatuk asks her what she is doing. Bondita says that school is temple of studies and none walks in temple with shoes.

Bhatuk explains that they all wear shoes in school and asks her to do the same otherwise he will be embarrassed. Bondita wears back her sandals and recommends Bhatuk to focus on studies and not show off. Bhatuk says that she is looking like his teacher. Bondita laughs.

Episode ends

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