Barrister Babu 18th January 2021 Written Update: Trilochan is very upset by Anirudh’s anger

Barrister Babu 18th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bondita offering Sampoorna to leave her in her room. Sampoorna says that she won’t stay in her old room anymore but she will stay in Binoy’s room. Bondita agrees to leave her there. Sampoorna asks Bihari to keep her old clothes which are in her old room since she doesn’t need them anymore.

While Bondita and Sampoorna are walking, the latter recalls how Trilochan insulted her. Bondita holds her hand and asks her not to be worried since Trilochan is like a coconut: hard from outside but soft from inside. She tells her sister that he was strict to her in the beginning too but then made her understand everything with love. She is not able to believe that Trilochan is capable of something like that.

Sampoorna says that she is a child, too small for all this. Bondita doesn’t know how to call her now. Before Sampoorna can reply, Binoy comes there and asks Bondita about dinner. Bondita goes to set it up.

Anirudh is still stunned recalling how Bondita told him that he knew about Trilochan wanting Sampoorna to marry Bihari but didn’t tell him.
Sampoorna is in Binoy’s room. He comes there and asks what he is doing there. She reminds him that they are married. Binoy says that theirs isn’t a marriage but he was forced. He blames her for making him call Trilochan a liar and making up a whole story outside previously. He says that he hates her and scatters stuff here and there. Sampoorna gives him Anirudh’s frame and asks her to break that as well.

On the other hand, Bondita knocks at the door and asks Anirudh to open the door. She says that she is aware of him being upset with her but she didn’t hide anything intentionally as she was going to tell him when Trilochan came. Anirudh is still upset with her so he doesn’t answer. Bondita wonders how to get his forgiveness now.

Sampoorna asks Binoy how he can break Anirudh’s heart when he cannot even break his frame. She reminds him how Anirudh proudly hugged him earlier and asks whether he has done that before. She asks him if he wants her to tell Anirudh the secret she knows.

Bondita finds Sampoorna’s earring and decides to go to give it back to her cousin. At the same time, Sampoorna warns Binoy that everyone will break relation with him if they learn the truth of that night while nothing will happen to her. Binoy remembers driving in the middle of a night when suddenly he applies brakes. He screams and grabs Sampoorna’s neck. Sampoorna asks him to leave her since he is hurting her and if she is pain then she won’t let him be happy as well.

Bondita knocks at door. Sampoorna asks Binoy if she should tell Bondita the secret. She opens the door. Bondita notices stuff here and there in room and asks if Binoy got angry on her. Sampoorna says that she dropped the chair as she is struggling to fit in the new room. Bondita gives her back the earring and leaves. Sampoorna tells Binoy that she wants her mu dikhaai to happen tomorrow otherwise his secret won’t stay the same.
Later, everyone sits at dinner table. Bondita tries to serve Anirudh but he does it himself. Somnath and Bathuk whisper to each other about Sampoorna being their new mother. Bhatuk wonders how to tell his friends about it. Sampoorna asks if they shall start eating. Bondita says that they can’t without Trilochan.

The latter comes. Binoy announces that Sampoorna is his new wife so tomorrow her mu dikhai ritual will happen. Trilochan asks how he suddenly started believing into rituals and traditions. He refuses to do any ritual but Anirudh says that he will do every ritual for his father and Sampoorna Maa. Trilochan gets up and asks him to do whatever he wants then since none needs him anymore there. He quotes that a woman can make home heaven but also hell. He is about to leave but Bondita stops him asking him to have food at least since he shouldn’t be angry at it. Just then, Anirudh shouts asking if someone will serve Sampoorna Maa. Bondita hurries there.

Later, Trilochan sits alone in front of Durga Maa’s temple and remembers all the events of the day. Bondita comes there with food for him. He wipes his tears. She asks Durga Maa what she should do now that Trilochan isn’t eating. She tries convincing him to have food. He says that he wanted Sampoorna to marry Bihari but he never asked anyone to push her in the river. He asks Bondita if she thinks that he is so cruel to kill anyone like Sampoorna.

Bondita says that she believes him and trusts Sampoorna too since she is very nice. She knows he is bothered by Anirudh0s anger but adds that he must be aware of his volcano like anger. She enacts Anirudh. Trilochan laughs and enacts him too. Both laugh but suddenly Trilochan gets sad. Bondita asks him not to worry as everything will get fine and he will realize that Sampoorna is the best daughter-in-law and he will praise her like he praises Bondita. Trilochan wishes that happens but he knows Bondita is the light of the house while Sampoorna is the darkness.
Episode ends

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