Barrister Babu 18th June 2021 Written Update: Bondita lashes out at Groom’s family for degrading women

Barrister Babu 18th June 2021 Written Update on

Episode starts with Thakuma pleading before groom’s family to accept Bondita. Thakuma says Bondita is diamond, she won’t disappoint them, due to some undeniable consequences her marriage broke. They will be lucky to have her as daughter in law. Groom’s father humiliates Bondita saying they can’t accept her like a stuff and will use her. Thakuma gets shocked and shouts at him. Bondita raises her voice against him saying women deserve to get equal respect, so what if her marriage is broken, she is educated and understands the difference between right or wrong. She broke her marriage to protest against an evil custom so that no girl is being treated badly. Bondita says women didn’t give men right to judge them. Women have their own existence and men can’t control them. Bondita rejects the proposal saying where women don’t get respect she won’t stay there at all. Bondita leaves and Kalindi follows her. Groom’s father says control this girl else she will destroy their family name.

Trilochan tells Anirudh to apply medicine on his wound. Anirudh says he doesn’t care, but he will save Bondita from Thakuma no matter what. He adds Bondita is angry with him because or Thakuma. Trilochan says Kalindi can’t separate him from Bondita. Bondita is his heartbeat. Anirudh cares for her.

Kalindi stops Bondita and makes her understand that a girl has no respect without marriage, society always taunts such girls. Thakuma manipulates her against Anirudh saying Anirudh destroyed her life already by leaving her now she wants to make things right. Bondita objects saying Anirudh gave her wings to fly, he freed her from such customs for her good. He is right not Thakuma. Kalindi says Bondita will regret later, she won’t be able to bear the consequences. Bondita says she won’t accept any malpractice anymore, she will always reject marriage proposals. She won’t support child marriage. She won’t obey Thakuma’s words. Latter slaps her.

Kalindi finds a solution from a priest to control Bondita. Priest says to remove the impurity Bondita will have to perform a special ritual. Priest says Bondita will be sent to a dangerous place where no person can stay, if Bondita is pure she will come out of it safely else she will die there if she is impure.

Sumati tries to cheer Bondita up. Bondita recalls Anirudh’s proposal of sending her to London. She leaves. Sumati tells her to not become upset. She suggests her to forget about Anirudh and to move on in her life by getting married. Bondita gets shocked. Priest asks Kalindi if she wants Bondita to perform the ritual even after knowing how risky it is. Kalindi replies yes. Sumati hears that.

Episode ends

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