Barrister Babu 19th February 2020 Written Update: Anirudh fights for Bondita’s rights!

Today’s episode starts with Bondita’s uncle latched the lock of Sumati’s room. Sumati prays for her Bondit’a happiness and asks God to protect her always. Bondita falls unconscious. Here, Anirudh dances at Saurabh’s wedding. Sampoorna and Saumrabh wedding ritual starts.

Later, Devoleena brings Bondita to the wedding place. Anirudh sees Bondita all set to marry aged man. He asks the villager to stop the wedding. He says he don’t let this marriage happen. Priest asks old man to start the wedding ritual. There, Sumati gets restless and thinks to watch Bondita from the window.

Furious, Anirudh drags the old man out from the wedding venue. Bondita asks Munsi who is Anirudh. Munsi tells to all that Anirudh is back completing his studies from foreign thus don’t know about the village rituals. Anirudh gets angry at the Bondita’s uncle and other villagers and says he won’t let happen this small girl exchanging garland with aged man.

Villagers get angry at Anirudh. Meanwhile, the old man puts Bondita at knife point and says if Bondita will not be his wie than she will not be alive too. Bondita’s uncle says to the old man he will be only the groom of Bondita and asks him to keep patience. Sumati worries for Bondita.

Other side, Anirudh calls police and asks them to stop the wrong happening at the village, There, Sumati breaks the door and runs to save Bondita. Devoleena tries to stop her but Sumati fights back Devoleena and rushes to help Bondita. Here, inspector refuses to help Anirudh.

Meanwhile, Devoleena instigate Sumati against rituals. Sumati takes her step back and goes back to her room.  (Episode Ends)

Precap: Bondita’s would be husband die. Village women say now along with her husband according to Sati Pratha she also has to die with him. Anirudh stands shocked. Anirudh raises his voice against Sati Pratha. A man out there questions Anirudh about his relation with Bondita.