Barrister Babu 19th November 2020 Written Update: Bondita gets admission at school

Barrister Babu 19th November 2020 Written Update on TellyExpress.

The episode starts with Bondita remembering Gandhi’s words about being the change she wants to see in the world. She is distracted by her thoughts. Trilochan comes and waves a hand in front of her. He claps. Bondita says that she is still hearing claps’ noise. Trilochan says that he is clapping on her head. Bondita says that it’s so good to hear claps. Trilochan asks her to let men think about claps while women should work at home in kitchen and think about the noise of dishes. Bondita shouts that she found it and rushes out. Trilochan complains that his daughter-in-law is naughty.

Anirudh walks downstairs recalling how Heera Mandi girls were treated in bazaar. Bondita comes and asks whether he is doing injustice on her. She says that doing injustice and bearing it is wrong. She starts talking about how women can go out and work, handling the country just like they handle the family. She says that her mother used to say that woman and man are two wheels of the house, so if one wheel is smaller then the house cannot run so how can the country run. Anirudh agrees with her and is pleased to hear all that from her mouth. She asks where she has heard all this from. Bondita reveals that she met Gandhi at Bhatuk’s school and he was greater than how he had told her. Anirudh says that she is very lucky.

Bondita asks whether injustice is happening with her too as Gandhi asked her to think what’s that thing she has right on but isn’t getting and she has thought about it. Anirudh asks what it is. Bondita replies “school”. She excitedly talks about the school which is a different world and Bhatuk is able to see that world but she, being a girl, is being stopped to see that school. She says that there was no girl at Bhatuk’s school and asks why girls are educated at home only and not at school. She wants to study with other students, at school where there are different subjects, competitions and great people like Gandhi come.
Anirudh remembers foreigner bashing his country because of women’s situation there. He wonders why he didn’t think about this earlier. Anirudh praises Gandhi’s greatness. She tells Bondita that she will be a bird free to fly in sky and she will go to school. Bondita claps excitedly

The next morning, Bondita takes blessings from Trilochan who wishes her happiness and all her dreams to come true. She is about to take blessings from Binoy too but he says that it’s fine. Anirudh asks Trilochan whether he won’t ask Bondita where she is going. Trilochan says that he knows she is going to study room with her husband. Anirudh tells him that he is taking her to Bhatuk’s school to get her admission. Trilochan stands up shocked and asks whether he wants Bondita to study among boys. Binoy agrees with Trilochan. Anirudh says that Bondita is living in the house where there are only boys so why she cannot go to the school where there are boys only and he reveals that Gandhi wants the same. He tells Trilochan and Binoy what happened. He asks Trilcohan whether he will disagree with Gandhi.

Anirudh and Bondita are about to leave but Trilochan stops them and says that he will come along with them. Bondita says that they will study together and eat from same tiffin box but Trilochan says that an elder is needed for the admission.
Later, Anirudh, Bondita and Trilochan are called in the principal’s office. Anirudh thinks that taking Trilochan inside is danger since he might ask to make a separate classroom for Bondita. He asks him to stay with Bondita outside. Trilochan says that he will teach her few things. Anirudh recommends to Bondita not to listen to anyone who says anything against school.
Anirudh goes inside principal’s office. Principal says that he has been his favourite student.

Anirudh says that he is his favourite too since he taught him to be a better person. However the principal doesn’t like the idea of Bondita coming to study at his school which is only for boys and suggests him to teach Bondita at home only but Anirudh wants her to see a new world.
On the other hand, Trilochan asks Bondita whether she won’t be afraid of being the alone girl at school among boys. He also asks what she will do if boys will tease her. Bondita says that she used to tie boys against trees so she wonders what will happen to boys. Trilochan says that he is worried about her competing with boys who are smarter. Bondita asks how they can affirm that when girls haven’t even been allowed to come to school. Trilochan hopes principal rejects only.

Meanwhile, the principal talks to Anirudh of his disappointment for him leaving his chance to be advocate and coming back to India. Anirudh is sure that he will say all the great things he said to him for Bondita after few years and girls will get inspired by her. He asks the principal to help him and give admission to Bondita.
Trilochan and Bondita are waiting outside. Trilochan says that the principal must have rejected. Anirudh comes and reveals that the principal has agreed for Bondita’s admission. Bondita claps excitedly. She is happy.
Episode ends

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